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That's alright with me

I'm laid back, easy-going
I'm not the jealous kind
I won't get in your business
If you won't mess with mine
Just say the word
the cold
we'll put on our own show
together or solo
a video-window
to the world
not at all forever
it's so easy-going
here's a happy ending
keep growing, getting larger than life
Easy-going with the same one that started the fight
He be knowing how dog get, when dog gon bite
Tried to show
brothers and sisters
I ask you to look at him. Does 
He have the marks? Do you see 
Them? NO. 

Demon-paper clowns
Stitched across my back
brothers and sisters
I ask you to look at him. 
Does he have the marks? 
Do you see them? No. 
Demon-paper clowns
Stitched across my back
music and don't mind dancing
I'm easygoing, a little bit old-fashioned

I'm a sucker for sunsets, but the trouble is
I need someone to share it with
to look at him. does
He have the marks? do you see
Them? no.

Demon-paper clowns
Stitched across my back
Easygoing dead black eyes
Microscopic giants
Made ya happy
Major Happy's up and coming
Easy-going good time band

We're only here
For you out there
So give yourselves a great big hand

the drive-through, easy like a song on the stereo
Letting it all slide like an easy-going god
Or he could have not existed, just a vision of his mother
When she
easygoing girl you need is not here

Let her go
That girl's not real, just illusion
Let her go
She's nothing more than a sham
I'll explode this fantasy that
stuck yeah they frozen

Easygoing but I can be ice cold 
Like Jack get ya bags you can pack up and hit the road
Ten toes down I'll never fold
Look into my
Done fine keeping from the spotlight
The less I’m known the more I’m alright, alright
Just another face in the crowd
Easygoing with my head down,
hear 'em playin on the radio
So you're lookin easy-going with your soda lime
Where's the party, I will be there, call me anytime
There is always
running hot
Good thing Susie was an easygoing gal, gettin' her back home was good for my morale
Road Trip - you never know where you'll end up
Road Trip -
Bit by bit, I made my way, no easy-going, out that cave
Cause music was my anchor, in an ocean full of hate
Still afraid to be snatched of my dignity
miles long but at least it ain't snowing
Let's knock em out, check a box, and keep it easygoing
Sunglasses on
Making way
Feeling great
Got to say
Hey I
these niggas come and try me
I turn the scene to a crime scene, I grew my wings now I'm flying
I, I, be easygoing I'm a type B person or something niggas
Guess it happened too fast
What do I know?
Where did it go?
Moving too fast
Where did it go?
What do you know?
Don't know much but I do go
I don't
Gotta practice what you say
Shit won’t ever go away
(My god, My god, Yeah)
(You know um easy, you know Easygoing)
(You know uh um Easy, You know Easygoing)
Blue skies my dog, Its a good time
Big clouds, Im in love with you forever
Hows the weather in heaven
must be tripping
(You know um uh Easy, You know Easygoing)
(You know um uh Easy, You know Easygoing)
Like I was a kid, Look at the shit that I did
Looking for reasons to live
Too young, Ain’t got shit to give
water; that's my natural element 
I'm easygoing, sociable, but introverted
So it's not so easy going
To a social function when my love for solitude is
easygoing, witty, merry, fast speed education process

Can you imagine planet ruling our days, our ways?

Thursday is ruled by Jupiter and its the day for your

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