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Taking downtime 
Throughout the wires 
It's a mystery 
At least it's not that 
At least it's not this 
But at this speed 
Water feels
during over time
That's two jobs and a full grind
No downtime
Let a niccas switch one time
Got to treat em like he one time
Liquor in me spike a punch line
In and out of the moonlight. I'm gone
Holding out for the downtime to ride on

Maybe I'll be back again some day
But maybe I've gone too far away
real life from time to time
When we get to put the phones down, and enjoy the downtime
So beautiful, oh so beautiful
I get to do it with you, I get to do
from a fog bank that follows me 

Been living on the downtime, living on the cheap 
And if you try to sell me things I'll say they're not for me
I can't help but tell myself there's bigger things in my mind 

Now I can hear the bells chime 
It Might be cool to rewind ooo
I just need downtime
face the truth 
You are nothing like me 

Give my heart some downtime
Help me save my candles and lies
You gave up so can I

When I finally face
fun on their downtime
I'd sing of these things, if I knew they were true
So we could sing about the joys of not taking life so seriously
But out
and holding down my luck

Fake that you are dead inside
Just to fit in and to keep this up
But my downtimes aren't colorized
I'm overwhelmed with hate and fully
tryna put you on a cloud though 
Cloud nine trying take you down in my downtime 
Found mine, take my last name, yeah that sound right
Damn right, body is
love's shown to me (you've shown to me)
All through your kindness it was meant to be

I'm so glad that I went through the downtimes
Cause this love that we
Steady sipping on a zero gravity mai tai 
Like a star in the night sky 
Stayed high for a couple of light years but now for the downtime
But now

In my dreams, I can fly away
And look back through tears of pain
Even if I were to never awake
I would still have my downtime

If only my
goose down
Downtime spent working on my rhyme schemes
Them alpines hit like a young rocky
A skinny dude but I'm eating like I'm stocky
Bucket seats
My head was really hurting
I had to take it to Apollo Bay
My head was really hurting
I had to take it to Apollo Bay
All my downtime makes me
needs no one
But see, as he's tracing up the outline,
He found a plane he created to take him from the downtime,
And as he waits for it to land, when
But enough about him, 
It's her you should keep an eye on.

She makes things, in her downtime, 
From soldered, old computer chips.
And has a blog
You need some, some downtime
I'm sorry if you're so unhappy
I'm dying without you
Be happy cause you know I care

You're a queen
Surpass the things I've
like you

Love being around mine, no downtime, still nothing else even matters
Can’t even walk slow through that mall, cause paparazzi running after
You probably don't wear your glasses
But you probably need them to read
And you probably value your downtime
And you probably don't get much sleep
Angel falls in the water, wets his wings
He can't fly for a while, it's one of those things
He spends the downtime singing

So there's salt in
Raise your voice up high
And scream a war cry

Live within the moment

Get back on the downtime
You want it all but it takes some time
Cause I know we share more than smiles,
And all this down-time gives us reason to confide
Everything I can fit onto one line.

Watch the sun set

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