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You wave your little white flag - You say I've had enough
It's been a little while now - Since you called my bluff
Let's keep it simple baby
Talk back to me
Even if you talk back to me

I swear I need some downtime, yeah
Rolled up the weed, I was depressed for some weeks
And I
I ain't only one comin' through
Don't act like it's not you
What I do on my downtime
What I do on my downtime
We connect, we wanna feel
That shit
Downtime on the other side
Downtime on the other side

Downtime on the other side
Girl this ain't one time, it's the way of life
It's about time
cries the same old song
We are soldiers 4 alive
Our big brother is causality


Soldier one must die alone
I'll get on my feet and over you
I tell myself that everything will be just fine
I'm just going through a little down-time

Some might think I've
downtime and back
Life is always good
It's not an act we so fresh, so hood
You knew that it never would
Knew that it never would

Lakers, Dodgers,
Downtime, downtime
Rewind, rewind

Well, I

Just sing, no need to shout
A proclamation of the modern sound
Inspired by the world today
inspired, I've been obsessing
I haven't been myself lately
But I'm not gone, I haven't lost it
I'm not crazy, baby

I get the downtime, but I said it
the best into adversary
I tried, no really, really I tried
Although I'm really, really up, I'm
Still gonna give you all my downtime
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Smoking on my downtime, sleeping on my own

You got me faded, stuck in a daze
Trying to keep up with your pace but I'm growing old
Guess I'm getting
So call me when you can and I'll be fine

I've found the time to be alone
I don't know what you're asking
I'm waiting by the telephone
So call me when you can and I'll be fine

I've found the time to be alone
I don't know what you're asking
I'm waiting by the telephone
And in your own time you're still attracted but in your own life

This heart attack I've gotta get away not coming back
I want some downtime so call me
Real time, is this real time
Or am I just top standby
Watching ceiling lines
Studying blank signs
Downtime, is this downtime
But we're fixing
a little work this is for you to hold
No downtime, flying around
Not a single hesitation in my mind
8, spirit of 8
When your whole life is racing inside
Didn't know what to say, nothing new to tell ya 
Downtime I create, enter self-destructor 
Sever all, no more ties, walk away from each other 
Painted into a corner. Confused and fatigued
The emptiness has me intrigued. I can take no more

Downtime, the search within yourself
The great escape,
can't live in this world, time beats you crush your soul
Laugh at your breathing eyes, cut my throat, downtime, why me?

I'll wait there for you, that
back to that place and live in

Island time
Slow down... ummmm
No frown 
I need my downtime 

Just bring it down

When u are faced with a confliction
wild life 
All overgrown & living undercover 
And wound up so tight 

(We love the Downtown Life) 
Downtime life baby 
(Driftin' through the day
Down-down like you, down-down like you, down-down like you
She don’t put it down like you

Love being ’round mine, no downtime, still nothing else even
and flip 'til you rich for a lifetime
Then it's fuck whoever think of downtime
Ho, I'm back in this bih, gotta have mine, yeah

Sheesh, since I been
DJ got killed
The fire marsh,
Fire Marshall
Shut'er down,time to go!
OutKast royalty by design of logo
Wanna count it out loud?
93, 94, 95, 96

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