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It won't happen again not for the hundredth time
You're my cause, the pain you left in your wake
All the people you dodge you fucking charity case
of gasoline

If it's the last thing I do
If it takes me from Tubilo to Timbuktu
If it's the last thing I do
I'm gonna dodge every road block, speed trap,
some time I said'
So he replies 'Then how do you manage'?
I dodge the blast, and apologize for collateral damage

In love, I've always been a mercenary,
pulled, it's impossible to dodge a bullet

No more dragging your dark horse around on a chain
No more knock down, shouting, driving me insane
Yeah I really
Sunken ships rest
Upon the ocean floor
Where I've made my home
To dodge the draft once more

There once was a time
One could flee to the north
fly above you, yes I do
Well, oh baby, my hairs on end about you

Floating, bumping, noses dodge a tooth
The fins a luminous 
Fangs all 'round
You said it, you meant it 
Now it is too late to take it back 
You can't leave it, you can't forget it 
You planted the charge now dodge
what way to run
I just can't get away
I don't know which way to run
I don't know where

I don't want to play dodge ball (x2)

I try to hide behind
I dodge you
Spend my time alone
Without you
I feel like someone

Unleashed now
Mind of my own
And it feels so good
Feels so good

So face
It started as a whisper
Now try to dodge this roar
Unified, the most forceful way to go

Waste this one
It's up to you
We need this revolution
Nothing camouflaged
I'd think about moving
But there's nothing to dodge
Moving to a point
That can't be found
Moving in away
What can I do to relieve it 
As my mind just melts away 

Once I say, I can't be saved 
No more change 
I dodge the grave almost every day
if i were you id pack my bags and get the fuck out of dodge. i hope you enjoy your fifteen minutes of fame, because this is going to be fifteen
This ain't hoops, this ain't hopscotch
And this ain't dodge ball in the sandlot
And this ain't cards
It's our hearts we're dealing with now
I'll be the one to pull our tangled lives apart
I won't dodge the angry words that hide a broken heart
And my calm fare-thee-wells cannot obscure
dodge a fly
Like a feather in the sky
Write me out a check
Give me all your cash
Nobody knows, so let's just go home
while the few and the proud dodge landmines
Niggaz is doin time for gettin caught with a dime
But he will never be indicted for his crimes against this
What It All Means,
Whether It's Worth It To Dodge Constantly.

Make Me, Make Me, Make Me Believe !!

We Are Experimental, Unpredictable And Not Very
Twice-baked brioche and pastry pockets,
And lock its two-door Dodge.

Zapped by the Zombie,
Zapped, zapped by the Zombie,
Zapped by the Zombie
tracking arm up
With self-disillusion
Your mother does the washing up
Your old man digs the garden
You're only free to dodge the cops
An' bunk the train
I'm gunna swing your head by your heair
Mash it in a mailbox
Stick firecrackers up your nose
Dodge flying snot
I'm gunna tie your body to my truck
And the blues start coming down
Then you'll see just how lonesome
Life can really be, life can really be

Well, then I hope you meet somebody
And they dodge
make it better
When you think your gonna fall apart
It's the only thing that keeps you together
You can try and go and live without it
Dodge your way

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