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Sometimes it's hard to know
If you're going or if you're gone
So you dodge from right to left
Never knowing which way is wrong, no

Holding strong
of love is going to kill you
Do you fake a smile when you dodge the blows?
So many times, so many chances, this one could be your last

You say no, no, no
pain, tha? Yea

I'm in the game going hard, tryna get the rim
And if I got her, I'm a take one for the team
And if u fog it up, and dodge yourself off

Don't make me go and get the Wraith
I'm trynna dodge another case
Order Ace of Spades by the case
Tell 'em shoot the nigga in his face
I keep
as Kane
No need for spotlights, trying to dodge the fame
Already got lice so why try massage my brain

BBS's, clustered up carved in my chain
up and let the outside in
Open up and let it begin
Open up and let it come together
Open up and let it in
A Dodge Dart pulls through
Well Deke's got a Ford, Hank's got a Chevy
Booger's got a beat-up Dodge
Well they fight like the devil over which one's better
The ??scene's a show??
Knowing full well that you're on the range
Dodge the bullet or carry the gun, the choice is yours


Oh eh
Oh eh
Oh eh
Oh eh
Oh eh
Oh eh
Oh eh
Oh eh (Break everybody break this one down)
Oh eh (DODGE to the R)
Oh eh (This one about
bed of white gardenias 
(Go, Granny, go, Granny, go Granny go) 
But parked in a rickety old garage 
Is a brand new, shiny red Super Stock Dodge
dodge all the scales all right
Six days on the road and I'm gonna make it home tonight

Well my rigs a little old but that don't mean she's slow
Now the ICC's been a-checkin' on down the line 
I'm a little overweight and my log book's way behind 
Nothing bothers me tonight 
I can dodge
I want
Girl is you

If Ford is to Chevrolet
What Dodge is to Chrysler
What Corn Flakes are to Post Toasties
What the clear blue sky is
have been a dozen of them parked in that garage 
And there wasn't one Lincoln and there wasn't one Dodge 
And there wasn't one Japanese model or make
She was born at a rest stop on the Kansas state line
In the back of a Dodge in the summer time
Her momma named her Indiana like their license plate
Old Sawmill Kenny kissed his Jenny
Said I'll see you tonight around supper time
He pulled that old Dodge truck out on the road
Well he went around
writing, drinking and smoking haze
Weaving kicks and snares, tryna dodge these hooks
Keepin' it original something that's overlooked
The way a nigga going
too short to box with God
Might send a bitch a Elie Saab
She fucks and robs
10 grand just to touch the job
Close range, she don't duck and dodge
of stuff
Can I dodge bullets
And can I bluff
Hot shots keep on a' coming
Looking for a fight
But the names are going down
To the left and to the right
Oh eh
Oh eh
Oh eh
Oh eh
Oh eh
Oh eh
Oh eh
Oh eh (Break everybody break this one down)
Oh eh (DODGE to the R)
Oh eh (This one about
to figure out
Since all your questions got harder to dodge and dip around
And there is nothing wrong with my lifestyle
No matter how many times I tell
side, chill on the Westside
[Ray:] Take the bridge to the East, the Southside
[Ali:] Dodge the beast, (Whoop), we see 'em comin'
[Ali:] Fuck them we
Ray: Take the bridge to the East, the Southside
Ali: Dodge the beast, (Whoop), we see 'em comin'
Ali: Fuck them we ain't runnin' we all seventy

time again, dis a new time again,
For the time now, the dodge a man 
Him come through and then,
Me no want no war, me say between no man,
'Cause this

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