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to mend us.
We start to deteriorate but we can always remember; we would not have been the same.
If you had stayed nearby, would I have grown up in your
start thinkin about that shit, son, knowamsayin?
That shit is fuckin, makin us deteriorate, son
word up, we gotta care bout our little babies an shit, son
Watch all the big mouths, disappear
Disintegrate, deteriorate, fall
I demonstrate, and devastate you all
There's no doubt about the fact I turn it out,
this shit can get scary
I'm known, can't none of this is gon' worry us
The cars material, money deteriorate
Bitches gon' vanish and fame illuminate
some years a deer in the light
I left some will to spirit away
I let my fears materialize
I let my skills deteriorate
Haunted by the thought of what
wanna feel the full effect of me, hand a TEC to me
Intellectually superior, I'll make the whack wearier
Inferior, deteriorate, like bacteria
court of law despise)
A teenage thug
[M. Thug] want to fuck and puff lie
A teenage thug

Dreams of bein a doctor will deteriorate
Takin over
Can you resurrect a motherfucker that feel like he possess a dead soul
Deteriorates when inferior state almost equal to bread mold
Now as my head
these drugs deteriorate
The minds of knuckleheads that grow up to be base heads
Don't say I didn't tell you cuz you gon see in the future
I hope I
shit again
Always chill up in the parking lot
When the block it hot
Taking off, ya

Get fly baby, they die regular
Don't want to just deteriorate

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