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Deteriorate in your own time (Deteriorate in your own time)
Tell 'em you're dead and wither away
Are you living alone or with your family?
They say a stone is a marker 
And that it has weight 
They say it's solid 
But it can deteriorate
Deteriorate in your own time (deteriorate in your own time)
Tell 'em you're dead and wither away
Are you living alone or with your family?
You can't flake, you made a mistake, give me a break, thanks
Now that we're straight and that's clear
Watch all the big mouths, disappear
Disintegrate, deteriorate, fall
I demonstrate, and devastate you all
There's no doubt about the fact I turn it out, the wack
Be on the lookout, LL made a comeback
Full of power, I'ma devour
I stand ta
Injected through the anal, arm, or blood.
Unprotected cells deteriorate, life is done.
Agonizing the way you lead the rest of your wretched life.
As the deadened blood is drawn
Stiff cadever on the table
Victims of death's spawn
Desicate, deteriorate
Start to decompose
Process of embalment
Through your veins the chemicals flow
Once revived
The brain functions would all deteriorate
His mental and physical
No longer would respond
When they split his skull apart
You better think fast or get swept off yo feet
Nigga it hurts to see these drugs deteriorate
The minds of knuckleheads that grow up to be base heads
If you came to conquer you'll be king for a day
But you too will deteriorate and quickly fade away
And believe these words you hear
When you think your path is clear
Invasions quickly override, malicious domineering strike
Flood your veins commit slow death
Deteriorate your makers met
Perpetual demise
On a fast decline
Killing tendency
So plain so stale it kills 
You strangle me entangle me 
In hopelessness and prayers for rain 
I deteriorate, I live in dirt and nowhere glows but 
Drearily and tired the hours all spent on killing
?Bout time niggaz start thinkin about that shit, son, knowamsayin?
That shit is fuckin, makin us deteriorate, son
word up, we gotta care bout our little babies an shit, son
Not knowing this place as the darkness falls above...
Will we ever see the sun deteriorate away?
They say I might as well face the truth.
That I'm just too long in the tooth.
I've started to deteriorate
And now I've passed my own sell-by date.
Crying on the pyre, feelin' all so strange
When you took my mind to deteriorate, told
Me that you like me, atrocious and deterrent
Lies, you showed me how it is to suffer hate
Dreams of bein a doctor will deteriorate
Takin over the underworld was a clearer fate
Luxury cars, a hundred girls at my face
Die young, stay pretty
Die young, stay pretty
Deteriorate in your own time
Tell 'em you're dead and wither away
forgiving it?
Realize this is the last time to waste away, deteriorate, decompose, and decline
All for hymn and none for all, your final wishes reek of blood,
Atrophy deteriorate you give yourself to blasphemy,
There's only one point that I'd like to make
These kinds of things deteriorate
It's the gospel truth man
And she's embalmed in love juice
Abscess with a heartbeat an armspan of dirty needles and a rusted peices
Flowers mask the decomposing passion is watching how fast I can deteriorate
Desperation is a clotting incision
Invasions quickly override
Malicious domineering strike
Floods your veins, commit slow death
Deteriorate your makers met
Well I burned all my books
On my ass I sit and look
And behold the world deteriorate
I don't have to stand up just to take a stand
I'll sms a live t.v. debate

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