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op end Escobar
Blæs i min trompet for (woop woop) 
Senorita, dans for mig
Helt tæt, kroppen damper
Os to, lige nu
Mamacita, Te amo
ikke funkler
Vil du så skinne lidt et sted?

Når træerne bli'r stille
Og jorden damper vådt
Er det fint at være ene
For så lugter livet godt

Men når
Nu god nat

Musik: Gullý Hanna Ragnarsdóttir
Tekst:  Allan Stade)

En tulipan i forårs sol
i skovens kant en bly viol
det damper op fra undergrund
har glemt.
En Damper, der losser Brædder,
hvidner og tones hen
og sejler i Dag i den Stilhed,
jeg først nu har fundet igen.

Stilhed vil skjule min
Put the merch in the camper
Need to wash all this cash
Put that shit in the hamper
If they talkin' too much
Silence them like a damper

Pullin' schemes,
almost gone
December was hard month, but I made it through
I'm crazy about my girls, too much to put a damper on you too

I can't feel good yet
But I'm
a thing or two
About the 20th Century and the 21
January 1 be the same shit as December 31
And I'm not the one to put the damper
Go party, drink 40's
a puddle in the sky
The kettle's leaking so much man it's burning my eyes yeah
Can't you just throw that damper out

On the subject of throwing stuff away
From the clatter of a honky tonk
To the quiet of the range
Been thinking 'bout silence golden
Golden silence change

Burning nights get damper
I am not the one to blame
We are all part of the problem
Damper your complaints
We are all, we are to blame
damper down
There's a wide open road

Well, the reason I was looking for you all over town
Was to tell you that your kitty cat is still around
And you
Put a damper or a drag on it,
(It's just me and you)
I've no verbal eyes, Baby, let's just get right in it.
(Let's do it!)
It's hard to speak
You and I, I close your eyes and we gonna drift away
Tonight the problem is that you ain't gonna stay

Don't put a damper on my fire (fire)
bu, Argo müzik
Sana pis çarptı kamyon, götün damper izi
Hasmın üstü başı pis, kan ter izi
Rap'in brezilya dizisi, tam bi' rezil
Kıçın soytarı, senin
damper or closed out
(still by my side)
and now I keep floundering about
amongst these swells and
I bugg out
will you call me tonight?
I feel so
the word lambda
I'll be the damper on a clan's fam's camper
Necromancer drinking vodka and Fanta with Santa

(Hook: Scratched Samples)
I'm a real wolf
they made a nigga up in Hades
I was born with a .380 in my pamper
Put a damper on a pussy nigga plans
If I duff you in this party then we still gon'
I wish I knew what happened so I could fix it
The damper on our relationship 
The pieces of the puzzle no longer fit 

I've become what I hate
road that
Put a damper on my soul
I just wanna go home

All the songs that I sung
All the hearts I thought I won
After everything I've done
please don't cry
You know I hate to see you frown
Won't you come a little closer
And I'll turn your damper down

Be mine
Be mine
Lower 9 valentine
us mortals are drawn out of darkness,
given dampers before we're born
(diapers come later gag me with a spoon'),
or burst the banks that Holy Virgins
niggas is wet
Now niggas is going out damper (yes!)
I said Batman
They thought man was joking
When I'm talking bout' dressing all black
A nigga was scopin'

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