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and that's the gang
I'm V.I.P. status just because of my name
I steps right in wit a devilish grin
I told you cats last time I like to stay on cloud ten
doved in like he meant
Survival like he was christened H20 
Like he could make the trees grow and the clouds spit snow 
He laid kisses on my chest
Tame One be rockin' on cloud nine with rhymes that flow frequent
Peep how when I speak I freak sequins
Henceforth I piss MC's off more often, I'm
Recognize your existence in this vast blue space
From a tiny cloud of blood

To the human beings with taste, sight, touch, smell
And sound
the sand. 
In respect to the clouds 
And the colony of your eyes, 
That day we made love, 
I'm going to call my little child Amber Jones" 

and leave a cloud, music bump loud
Ride through the park and let them fifteens move the crowd
Pop out and bail through somebody barbeque
Make a play, drink
with the sex appeal
I would be like mostly high
High enough to kiss the clouds
Screamin' lotto triple 6
Take me where the devil's ?
Bein' real, that's
we comin' yo direction

[Lil' Wyte]
Don't let yo window catch a cloud - I'm as high as you
I know you wish this song would keep on bumpin' through
And clouds are changin', comin' at me, different directions now I'm freakin'
Hoe's are rakin', body shakin'
Mane, I thought it was some crack
and come and getcha
Ya fake acapellas can't really rock a farvela crowd
Ya head is full of helium, you floating in the clouds
On stage fronting like the solo
peoples got cloud
Check the resumé
One step closer to goal everyday

The game is to be sold not told
I tropping heavingly, world connected got
Lac Cruisin', crap Shootin', 50 on the 10 to 4
Overcast the forecast shows clouds from plenty dro
And we ready for war in the state of, Georgia


I smokes mad ism, but keep my thoughts clear, I never let a cloud appear
I know what KRS was on when he made Outta Here
Things can come and go
with a cloud of smoke
Dead bodies on the ground when these fools get loc'ed
It's crazy in the street, pack some heat for a sucker
Mobbin through the town
the clouds to the ocean floor
		We're on Fresh Mode, we're on Fresh Mode,
		We're on Fresh Mode, we're Fresh
is Ugly Duckling, groove galore
We rock from the clouds to the ocean floor
We're on Fresh Mode, we're on Fresh Mode
We're on Fresh Mode, we're Fresh
a kite
And my eyes real low so I have no sight
I'm feeling really right as I keep flow, through the sky
Way past cloud number nine
Chiefing all
Even got the god in the cloud, observing this style
He love the way I do this, leavin nigga's clueless
It's Prospect, it's off wit ya head, you
some mo' I gotta


[Verse 2]
Now I was ridin' down the city streets
Blowin' clouds in the wind from the Swisher Sweets
I'm gettin' hungry from
that can hold me hostage
And every day I'm tryin' to see who walkin' down and smokin'
Steady rollin' up that green and puffin' clouds of dope
I'm bout
clouds herald man's passing,
From the Garden of Eden--into death everlasting,
Such a high price to pay for what we took without asking.
now, I'm seeking out this vengeance
Not to mention that this black cloud, it sticks around
And visits my intuition, won't let me back down
And I swear
on the grind since before diddy decided he was making a band
Now I'm here shakin' hands with fans, and it's about time
Defying gravity smokin' bogies on cloud
Hi kids
Welcome to cloud nine
We sure are glad ya stopped by to see us!
We got some special suprises for your red asses today
We got the insane clown

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