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I'm contemplatin in my bedroom pacin
Dark clouds over my head, my heart's racin
Suicide? Nah, I'm not a foolish guy
Don't even feel like drinking,
beautiful, beautiful
You're so beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful
You're so beautiful

Like the clouds you drift me away
Far away, yeah
And like
In August, I'm staring at rain clouds
A descendant of London
I watch as people are falling like rain
Encouraged to seek other options
I don't
head up in the clouds, puffing loud, no access
You haters ain't allowed to come around, you past tense
Tune to the sounds and right now watch the crowd
I'm, just way too god damn well minded
I got a wet n' wild one, cloud 9ning
I feel like everybody need a get away
The method behind the madness,
it at last
You made it at last

The clouds open up and I see Him
He's standing with the saints
And since that first day that I seen Him
the rain's from (rain's from)
But the clouds make it hard to see him
He's in my brother I discovered that it's not so hard to be him
I just lose him in
like I’m out camping, goddammit
I’m one hell of a guy, looking down on a cloud, that's one hell of a high
Bitch, I gets ghost, the way she screaming
'Cause when I break through I'ma use them to reach the clouds.
We ain't comin' down, we ain't comin' down

Look, ma, I finally made it, this world is too
I'm on top of the world
I'm on top of the world
I'm on top of the world
I'm on top of the world
I'm on top of the world

I'm way up in the clouds, I
your mind
Hey you

You I'm always kicking fly shit and the streets recognize
We can vibe-vibe on the cloud so high
To the constellations but I ain't
Even with the clouds, we still layin' under stars, yeah
Ain't used to bein' home, ain't seen my bedroom in a while (No)
Rather be out on the road
will ride into eternity
Baby we could go places
Maybe a trip around the world
As u and I look up
into the clouds
I keep telling myself
I gotta tell him
to smile or to frown
Some days I run into a flock of some clouds
I'm flocking some sheep, your weed is deceased
I need me like three, trap and repeat,
Aber Rapper sind wir alle
Oder hängst du in 'ner Cloud
Ja, die Trap ist eine Falle
„Digga, bau ma' lieber einen von diesen Brettern
Ja, von diesen
right now, way up in the clouds
You're the only one makin' waves
You're saying that I'm so far down, but I keep holding on
You just want me to beg you
Blowing clouds, lookin' like a dragon (dragon)
All she want is me (just me)
In silk sheets, no, no, not satin (silk, man)
I think you're the one
but now the clouds passing
Still independent, still I found passion
In smashin' these motherfuckers down to fragments
Metaphorically speaking 'cause
But the Zombies think I got too many dead friends (dead friends)
Name another crew that we're less than, I

Say I'm under clouds I don't get fly
Bitch don't kill my vibe, bitch don't kill my vibe
Bitch don't kill my vibe, bitch don't kill my vibe

Up in the clouds, me and my spouse
Yeah motherfucker, that's messed up, yeah
All up in the clouds, never stressed out yet
Next up while they cut checks, oh yeah
Two shots on deck, get
would be better if you moved away
Maybe somewhere with clouds and more rain
Where you don't know me 'cause you don't know me anyway

Nobody knows,
am on cloud 9
And it is about time I hear sum that appeals to me

I'm feelin' me like the girls we smash
Drinkin' out the bottle shawty I don't need
Faut qu'tu m'présentes ta mifa
Saint-Cloud faut qu'on squatte (Tous les jours)
Chez ton grand-père, on s'y fera
J'vais mettre deux trois rottes-ca (Y

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