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Aye, Dnny Phntm, you made this shit?

Fuck a vest, fuck a vest, chopper hangin' 'round my neck
Fuck a vape, fuck a bong, Backwood thicker than my
feet tall
Chopper make a nigga jump a 10 foot wall
Avian and gold bottles, this is hood royalty
No matter how broke, how rich
Nigga, never ever
better come with 'em choppers and don't fake
'Cause if you bullshit, you're the one that's getting erased
This niggaz murikin' out pussy niggaz in broad
Car full of choppers and everybody quiet, car full of goons and everybody certified, and if you froze up last time you can't ride it's going down
Man them young niggas killing bout nothing
Show up at the spot with the choppers like nothin'
Full fifty shots, clear the block like nothin'
If you
My daddy said, draw nigga

(Bow, bow!) Coming in for yours
Niggas got them choppers and they knocking at your door
Sirens gettin' loud when
My daddy said, draw n****

(Bow, bow!) Coming in for yours
N****s got them choppers and they knocking at your door
Sirens gettin' loud when
tryna fuck you and your bestie, yeah
Chopper with the scope so do not test me, yeah
Ric Flair drip go "woo" on a bitch
Fifty-seven ninety split
yo' fuckin' neck
Bitch, I got on Prada head to toe
I got them choppers by the floor
I got that wrong by the low
I got one block already gone
ride, bang
One chopper, one hundred shots, bang
Hop out, do you, bang?
Two chopper, two hundred shots, bang
I ride, you ride, bang
One chopper, one
they really ready
Straps cocked, are ready
These rap niggas are really scary, talk loud but ain't really
We tote choppers like military, niggas gotta
think we still dating
Three choppers sitting in the car, we playin' real safe
Fifty million dollars in cash, that's a cold case
Spent so much cash
They say hard work pays off, I've been feeling paid off
Tryna take it then you dead, Nate Dogg
Put the chopper to your head, and take it off

I feel like Tony when them shooters tried to run in his house
Watchin' the camera with a chopper and a blunt in my mouth
Facin' an FBI
Untamed gorillas 
Uptown for sho' 
Gettin' full of that raw Mac Melph Calio 
Totin choppers on the street like it's very legal 
Lovin' blue eyes
Money bag, money bag, money bag
K-K-Kato On The Track

Might rock leather in the summer
Watch for the P's and piranhas (twelve)
Chopper put
We Loaded
Yeah we loaded
I'm (Mustard on the beat, ho)

I'm fully loaded
This chopper loaded
Yeah, loaded
Thugger, Thugger nigga!
Yeeur, Yeeur! (Mpa, YSL shit, nigga)

Hundred bands in my pants, YSL loaded
Got them choppers in advance, MPA, they loaded!
Booking on the interstate I'm bailing with them bricks
Cooking with the flour, hit me if you need the fish
Bottom of the ninth, choppers loaded, that's
and lost a lot of my partners
Been playing with them choppers since toddlers, we was in boxers
Please go'n tell 'em I'm never failing, they jealous
Yah, yah, yah, yah (yeah)
Yuh, yuh, yuh, yuh (yeah)
Yah, yah (yeah)
Sosa, baby (Sosa)
GBE, baby (bang, bang)

Chocolate chopper for
ain't yellow tape
I don't got shit for a pussy ass nigga, but knuckles and hollow tips
I just put my monkey nuts on my chopper stick
Might just knock
[Intro] (Chopper Talking)
What's happenin'
this ya boy Chopper City, ya heard me
New Orleans

[1st Verse]
I'm from the dirty, but I stay so fresh,
We the ones they talkin' 'bout (what they talkin' 'bout?)
Knock your brains out your head, you keep talking loud (grah)
We gon' bring them choppers

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