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It was a cold chill on a summer morn 
Never cried like a baby since the day I was born 
It was a cold chill on a summer eve 
Never had no chopper
Thuggin' in broad day with four glocks, a knife, and a chopper
I'm runnin' away, don't get in my way
My nigga!
Callin' me head busta!
Callin' callin' me
feel like my enemy (Yeah)
I might just turn into my inner beast (Yeah)
Know we tote choppers, we in the streets (Yeah)
You niggas got fucked up energy
the type of time I'm on

Four choppers in the coupe, me and my bro 'nem
Catch him, run down on him, we gon' put it on him
Everybody ridin', bullets
too official (too official)
I heard your niggas let them choppers off, strictly 'bout beef
I go to war with any nigga (any nigga)
I heard 'em say
Yeah, yeah
Young Jefe, holmes
Run that back, Turbo

Choppers on deck, everything is on demand
You want a check, first you gotta have
nigga riding round the city with the mac
Take a chopper, and a chicken, now watch the leakin' (ba-bow)
Whipping and breaking it, making it, taking it
the top off my new car, ain't no fear in my heart
Haiti shots and this new chopper 69'd ya broad
LeBron went back to Cleveland, I should buy a crib
But this
Chewing on the bars, and we call 'em barbarian
I'm on my way to Mars, got the stars in the ceiling
Down South Georgia, boy, we the New Chopper City
We shoot your block up and just say we shot a scene
This is a robbery, I let the chopper squeeze
Turn you to cottage cheese been on my beast
Since I
and we laugh about it
I fuck her friend, I don't feel bad about it
Money and drugs, I'm talkin' math and science
Ooh, skinny tires on a salad diet
Keep popping off, I bet this chopper come see
I don't give no fucks
I don't give a fuck, nigga I don't give a fuck
I don't give a fuck, nigga I don't
bandana on my head
Guarantee that shit was red
Machetes and them choppers out
Bitches with their knockers out
I done fucked 'em all, that's why I'm
Mr. Cap you ready? Um hmm
You finna kill this shit, yeah
Pass that bong over there bro

When you stay out and your chopper stay focused
She gone
to see you
And if you, thinkin' 'bout calling your mommy, your daddy, your brother, your sister
That chopper hit you, having a seizure
I been teaching
a dead body?
Got a chopper with some rounds on it
Boop-boop, hittin' everybody
Turn the corner from your mama house
Put a nigga in the trunk
Cock your
House on the hill with the acres
Don't date her
Running through the squad slave her
I'm the mayor
President Huncho a player
Twin chopper Sonic
bump into you, oh yeah
Chopper bullets flying everywhere, got them chopper bullets flying everywhere
.223 chopper clip as long as Stacey Augmon
of niggas, I just need a chopper, nigga
Grave yard or penitentiary, I keep runnin' out of niggas
I ain't runnin' out on niggas, no

Now beam me up, Scotty
I got that tool when I walk out that door
Got some head in the coupe and let off in her nose
I got some bougie chick holdin' my chopper
I got some
Ran up with some hope and he ran off as a ghost
Chopper with a stock and a dick, and a scope
She say's she was sleep, she says Tay-K now I'm woke
I know Zoes at max, dawg, chopper blow your back off
If you play with my racks, dawg, yeah

Can't take no risk, ever since I went legit
If you got
want it
Ion want it

If the money don't come in rubber bands ion want it
If the chopper don't come with a stand ion want it
If the pack ain't big enough
Still letting that chopper spray hell you talkin' 'bout
Yea we bout to celebrate hell you talkin' 'bout
Fuck 'em let 'em hate hell you talkin' 'bout

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