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what to do 
Charging me for what I got 
Pissed off at the very thought 
Of giving all my money away to you 
Standing in the stupid crowd 
People talking
You don't know where you belong
You don't even know who you are
They're charging you for the sun
And he's using you for your car

When you were
Charging headlong I don't know where I'm going
Take me I'm afraid
How can you be real?
Brush skin
Take my time
Soft notes
Breath and chime
So set my
As the weather's getting warmer and we are getting older 
Can't you come a little bit closer

Charging like rams 
Wanna buck me
All ya'll bitches out here wanna fuck
the refrigerator, I dont even know how she got in
I bought pills for 3 buckaroos but I’m charging 10
Baby mama blessed me with two sons but I wanted twins
This aint
Charging through the fields of Romans
Malice creeping forth
Women, children - scum and vermin
Filth of feeble kingdoms burning
Rapid brutal acts in
Legacy, Prophecy, Glory 
Afterworld's disciple

Ambushed on the shoreline
War is war, all is fair 
Time to send you pagans
To your God 
Charging, in
burned it all down
with your bones all soaked
Cast blame for the spark
while charging suckers for the smoke
now it's up to your heart
and I'm - scared

cause maybe an 80 will dissuade me
I've played the nice guy long enough, I'm charging late-fees
Can't fuck with the rhyme, so you're hiding behind the 9
is charging the charger

Mo sa se gba Dollar
Mo we re ra motor
Mo gbe olosho wo club
A dele se mojo
Olosho fa shisha
Olosho ti gabby
O joko le kporan
matter dawg charging like El Matador
I'm writing scripts that are ripping pages off the catalogue
Lights off I'm spiritual I'm preaching with the candles
99 still charging swag
Miyɛ top skanka banker amount nu yɛ tanker
Herh I for stop that thing yeah
If we fall we go rise oh yeah
E no be tujimi perfume
the billin, even charging the women and children
to buy my cd, downloads streams, i give you music, for your wildest dreams
no hate, just show you appreaciate,
rascals, Did you only get my son to laugh at and make fun of ??
Be sure to see what I'm gonna do to all of you...
Whoa! sister Vadivu is charging at us with
at best
If it meant nothing to you
Another game, just a test
My pull up game strong
And I'm charging coming collect
I want all my reparations
I demand
And counting little stars
Smart enough to know
It's sort of just a little joke
I'm sorry
I never meant to be like this
Charging all around the town
can feel it charging
I'll never forget it, we're transcending
And I know it's starting

I feel both feet lift off the ground
I can levitate (levitate)
As the weather's getting warmer and we are getting older 
Can't you come a little bit closer

Charging like rams 
Wanna buck me
All ya'll bitches out here wanna fuck
Spending my energy  charging  the town
You spit for money i bank my account
Ya ya
Feelin' so clean ya 
Bitch i'm feelin' so clean ya ya
Freaks on my
can talk, looking real bad when I walk
Yeah, got that sauce. Take down the boss
Doing the most with the bros
Kill ‘em with accessories, charging up
Yoo Lee a weh yah pree dawg 
Weh di cup dem deh
Weh di cup dem deh
Weh di cup dem deh
Make sure ice inna dem an dem charging 
When we a rave
I'd be coming back someday 

I see my darling 
And my heart grows so still 
But then I think about getting out  
Like a horse charging a hill
and the dealer man were charging the same price 
They say they want my body but they can't touch my soul 
I am gonna keep my distance, man, and play some rock

Regular walking pon Sunday morning
Everything nice and ease
Mi just charging fi go a mi yard
Fi go put on mi rice and peas
One Martinique up

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