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Mr Mr Mr ow much ow much
Mr ow much Mr ow much are you charging?
Mr Mr Mr ow much ow much
Mr ow much Mr ow much are you charging?
Mr Mr Mr ow much ow
I came from hustling on the streets (I came from hustlin on that curb)
But I'm complete
I'm charging hundreds for a feature (I'm charging hundreds
Now you charging niggas to be your only fan
I remember when you used to it for the gram
Its getting out of hand
You only charging 7 for a feature
charging on 
Oh, oh, oh, oh
We're charging on 

There's gotta be a way, gotta be a way
I've survived the pains of yesterday
I'm armed and here to stay
(Extendo choppin' up these bricks)
(Callate, Mike Crook)

Pack in the air, put the bird in the sky (woo)
Payin' it low, charging it high
life pollution
Line up for electrocution
Charging! POWER UP!
Kneel before the circuit board
Of overloaded overlords who's

Feel the groove
Hit the street
Now I know
It's a slog
But seeing your bright face
Might just lift the fog

And I'm charging up
And I'm charging up
charging a fee
We ain’t never matching unless you matching with me
Pull up on the posse and me
We can go and smoke on the gas and the tree
We ain’t never
Chain on a thrift shop bargain
Hit space, gotta pause that starship
Damn straight I'm a starving artist
Start charging the paint like Giannis
timber creek
We charging up at the creek
We get it rocking at the creek
They wanna come to the creek

Why they sleeping on the creek
My team we came here
I’m charging this to the game
I don’t know who I could blame
Me or just you, I play the fool
You feel a way, I’m the same
This on my heart, I played
you give your love to
Don't worry girl it's on me
I'm gonna give you all this loving fa-free
And I ain't charging for being the one to counsel you
[Incomprehensible] face, this is the way we go
Charging with fixed bayonets, the terror of every foe
A glory to old Ireland, as proud as Buccaneers
And a terror
Face on
The pale
Cossacks are
Charging in
Charging into
Fields of
White roses
Cossacks are
Charging in
Charging into
Fields of
You know ain't nothing sweet
Last year I had a surplus
But I'm still charging fees
She want it right now, she want it real bad
So she steady rushing
he Japanese 
Want a feature I'm charging a fee 
Get the work you ain't talking to me 
Get you done up I run up I put you to sleep 

Why these niggas
Charging a fee
When you should be paying to be Around me
Are these bitches blind or is it just me ?
Fuckin for what ? Yeah She fuckin For free
I’m telling
a fire running through my veins, electrified 

You connect me to your power 
Keep me charging up for hours 
I feel ooh ooh, I'm a live wire 
Ooh ooh,
Online looking at some sneakers
My songs be blasting out ya speakers
I had to start charging for a feature
Keep a heater in a two seater
Dressed in
and put your hands up where I can see
Spread up I gotta take you into 69...
Call me the body police, they call me the body police
I'm charging you
Waiting, Climbing, Searching 
The Way 

Through the skies hear the whispering silence 
To the eyes of the grandest conclusion of war 

Charging humanity
for more

I'm charging you with murder
the fire of love's dying down
but in the face of the verdict
I'm feeling all jealousy drown
plead for mercy

pay the fucking driver
Pay the preachers and pay the fucking liars
Pay the beggars and charging all their things ..GoodBye
I'm not gonna pay, it's
gonna pay?

Pay the ferryman, pay the fucking driver
Pay the preachers and pay the fucking liars
Pay the bitches they're charging all their dates,

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