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gonna say?
When there's four fucking cops all up in your face

What ever happened to and justice for all?
Man that ain't nothing but a joke now
but the hatred it made us cuss more
Held on, but it was hard - stepped up, took charge
Ran through what we scared up, but what was we afraid for?
Bitch better have my money

i don't charge by the inch I charge by the foot
Pick up mine, bitch, here take a look
100% USDA Grade A beef
Here's my
in coconut milk mixed with tofu
Sit in the sun six hours then I charge up like Goku
Dragonball Z; imagine you're raggin me
That's like walkin
Like so many wealthy men:
Mack the knife acquired his cashbox
God alone knows how or when

Jenny Towler, she turned up lately
With a knife stuck
It's how you end up in penthouses, end up in cars, it's how you
Start off a curb servin', end up a boss
It's how you win the whole thing and lift
around and be my latest charge
Roll up and I smoke you just like an entourage
And you already know how I do it, I'm going twice as hard
I'm cooking up
what I'm saying
No matter what you just been through

So you want to be a rap superstar
And live large a big house
5 cars, you're in charge
Comin up in
Comin up in the world 
Don't trust nobody
Gotta look over your shoulder constantly

I remember the days when I was a young kid growing up
the sorrow
The fuel I need
(It's my charge to Keep)

And now we must wipe the tears away
Cover up are in the strength
Lost are those we can't replace
that squeals
They watched me in court testifyin' to a fucked up charge
I was drowning myself in my own tears

Of my boys growing up in the early
keith in the place takin charge
Word up you'll get hurt up like the jury callin murder
You're deaf 'cause i freak shit you neva heard of

the return of the Jedi
With a jewel cause I'm tired of seeing 
Charges being brought up, on brothers getting caught up
Now it's about time we connect,
havin' no balance
Young niggas havin' no fathers
Young niggas catchin' dope charges
Growin' up she say she felt alone
Now she strippin' for that pot
Five hunnid racks, baby said, "Don't get fat"
Extra racks, what I charge 'em to cook up is crack
Who been in the sack? 'Bout to set up a lil' mouse
Cars cookin', cookin' them jelly jars
Yeah you a Jedi charge it up for a hover ride
Now I'm getting microphone profit
Look like I got sandbags in my
Charles in charge of
Our days and our nights.
Charles in charge of
Our wrongs and our rights.
So I say
I want Charles in charge of me. 

Charles, I
a brick charge
Lawyer ain't show up in court
When a nigga say trial, nigga comin' down with life
That's how a nigga really earn his stripes
When them niggas
down the street, but I'm too drunk to walk.
Time to unwind, relax and chill,
Get all sauced up, charge the bill.
Gravity bongs, while I do my dance,
to take a slumber
I dreamt of gold and jewels and for sure 't was no wonder
But Jenny blew me charges and she filled them up with water
Then sent for
Five cars, You're in charge. 
Comin' up in the world. 
Don't trust nobody got to look over your shoulder constantly

I remember the days when I was
nigga came by 
I heard he workin' with them people nigga kicked in my door
got me facin' all kinds fucked up charges got me sittin' in court
myself on trial again for crimes I couldn't see
My naked aggression was picked up on a charge of indecency
And I remember how I felt when first it
a first
Dreka havin my daughter
Watchin on the iPhone
Thought that it was a boy
Thinkin I gotta get home catch a flight to New Orleans
Gonna pick up my

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