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you a lil thug give em lil snugs till he cough it up; them niggas soft as butt even ya bosses suck, i'm about to
charge it up nigga stop ya arguin
Well you can Telex my accountant
Call up Tele-Credit, too
I know they sent a monthly statement
But I never read it through
You say you won't
sounds like an African Head Charge
She'll beat up the beats with and eggbeater
pour em in the batter
she'll make 'em sound fatter and fatter
'cause food
Crib in the forest, deer in my yard
'07, I got locked up on a charge
Now a nigga got four bank cards
Looking like a nigga gotta thank God
bought 'em, Fed
charges get brought up
I'm whippin' the case, like I'm whippin' the base
Look at daddy in face now tell me
how good does it taste
Bill collectors, and rip up my charge cards
Cause these bills, they attack (like a pitbull)
Can't sleep at night (can't even sit still)
I don't want
[Intro/Chorus: repeat 2X]
I hate why'all duuuuuuudes
That get real life and rap confuuuuuuused
Don't get it fucked up, and don't get shoooot
sittin' in the dark (yeah)
Facin' a charge, gotta go sit up in a court
All because, I was stupid and dumb
Shoulda never went through it with hun, shit
For making shit guaranteed to bust your fucking melon
Police throwed me up on charges like I was a felon
There was no telling, when I was
That stops you taking the city (shut up in etenity)

It is heroin pity
Not tear gas nor baton charge
That stops you taking the city

boulders through my burglar bars
Knowin' every fiend that I serve, I could get served with a charge
People set me up, tried to rob me in my cousin garage
the cranium
A bull's eye made sedated


I must have read a thousand faces
And all these voices won't give up
Sickened thirst,
lifestyle, stunt hard, gun large
Pickin' em up not givin' a fuck about a gun charge
Zippin' em up in a body bag, fuck niggas mad
Welcome to our house, dead
Capital love

Criticise your plans as a communist dream
Serve you up nothing but utopian cream
Sell you back the water from your mountain

With a rhyme in mind

Bidi budup up up, the charges will climb

Every young rapper trying to get you to jump

But when you're all done jumpin', I'm
talk my shit
And now we out here gettin' rich
Know a nigga gotta talk my shit

Police throw 'em at me, charges never stick
Fuckin' niggas up in
to double (know that price)
Now if you don't change your mind, change your grind
Don't get caught in the facade, don't get caught up on a charge
(Don't be
It's so good you love it when I back it up
Back it up, gyal you drive man crazy

Baby, you the plug and I'ma charge it
Soup me up before we get
and I'm heartless (yeah)
There's a bitch that's in my vision, that bitch is a target (brrr)
Lawyer is a Jew, he gon' chew up all the charges
Don't matter
no wonder
But Jenny blew me charges and she filled them up with water
Then sent for Captain Farrell to be ready for the slaughter

Mush-a ring
blew me charges and she filled them up with water
Then sent for captain Farrell to be ready for the slaughter

Mush-a ring dumb-a do dumb-a da
Wack fall
The case
The people versus Toker
The charge
Second degree murder

Up in court, we all hate to wait
With your life in the hands on the jury that
swingin' up in the swing
Them good ol' boys pickin' six string
Woah oh oh, leave your trouble at the door
No cover charge, get in for free
No last call,
Now they lay his body down 
Sad old men who run this town 
I still recall the way 
He led the charge and saved the day 
Blue blood and rain 

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