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a little bit changing as I get older
Doing things different than when I was younger
Your a very speacal person I won't ever forget
Its been like 5 years
accomplish shit but I want some more
Open doors for my city bitch I'm tryna live like the Huxtables
I'm comfortable I ain't changing ho
Bag of weed
Don't try to knock me out of my plans
You was bullshitin'
And my grindmode was giving it all I can
Boy I been down, reppin' Vegas
Had to show
imitations, changing as you flip them faces
Is it worth it? Remember your purpose
It's not forever, make it happen, it will feel amazin'
I told her,
is the point of no return and nobody can stop it
Malcolm little running up before Elijah Muhammad
The commedent killed the dinosaurs, changing
Walking with broken two wings
Adapting, while time keeps changing degrees rapidly
You can tell by cracks in the streets
Because it's aging, but
I'm swanging 4's and thinking thoed, banging hoes and changing clothes
Smoking dro and doing shows, paper stack can never fold
I bought the car and I
I'm swanging 4's and thinking thoed, banging hoes and changing clothes
Smoking dro and doing shows, paper stack can never fold
I bought the car and I
and (Oh) hold it closer to mine (Yeah, yeah) (Yeah)
Thought love was dead, but now you're changing my mind (Yeah, come on, woh!)

My heart's a stereo (Yeah)
the dinosaurs, changing the earth
They love to criticize they always say I change for the worse
Like prescription pills when you mis-using them nigga
back, now these rappers all changing
Fearful careers, I don't cower, the new power
Duracell it never runs out for an hour
Keep destroying, smoke 'em
Satellites, satellites
Never really made love, Gates
Never really made love
Say she never really made love

People changing on me, I am so sick
I'm just tired of the waiting so my attitude is changing
She like stop the complaining
I swear I'm not leaving you hanging
We gon' pick up the trees,
better and I can make it wetter
And in the bed we forecast, I call it changing weather
I guess it's something about you, this song is for you
You got me
recording all your tracks is boring
Care to replace it, now the game slowly changing my niggas be
Patiently waiting for something fresh through the airwaves
on the road, killin' shows around a nation
People used to doubt me, now they're slowly changing
I put em in their place like a real estate agent
Ha ha, man
ain't changing a bit
With a mad browning that came through my bits
Tell a nigga act right, I'll explain to him quick
I came with shit, something insane
Lamborghini's passing Kia's
Looking like you need to re-up
And that bitch she ain't a keeper
If I want it I buy it
Hot on these records, tonight I'm changing
that passive
Always been this pensive
Niggas claiming that I'm changing 'cause my clothes ain't always been expensive
Always been eccentric
while I raise that
Shit's changing like a fucking rude awaken
No more playing, no more undertaking
Can you hear the articulation?
Are these words
down south, changing seasons
I might just go and read her rights for no reason
She sit that ass on the sink, it's deceivin' (Ayy)
But she gon' buss it
Where we go from here I always said, we living life on the edge

Trying to be the one you feel in love with
Changing up my life when I thought I
to gain true knowledge and internalize wisdom
Changing to do right and better while living through pressure is hard
Especially when that pressure comes
It ain't been same since we came in

Do no wrong, do no wrong, can't do no wrong
Do no wrong, do no wrong, do no wrong, can't do no wrong
Do no

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