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to gain true knowledge and internalize wisdom
Changing to do right and better while living through pressure is hard
Especially when that pressure comes
Where we go from here I always said, we living life on the edge

Trying to be the one you feel in love with
Changing up my life when I thought I
It ain't been same since we came in

Do no wrong, do no wrong, can't do no wrong
Do no wrong, do no wrong, do no wrong, can't do no wrong
Do no
while I raise that
Shit's changing like a fucking rude awaken
No more playing, no more undertaking
Can you hear the articulation?
Are these words
I'm focused on changing the hearts of our society
Because it's only on the universal level we really free

Such a funny word, ain't got no
against the world, but I've seen better days
Even though shit is different, I mean, I'm still amazed
Friends switching and changing, I see the picture
numb I can't feel
Course you're gonna hate, your life is shit, is going down hill
Y'all all think I'm crazy
Fuck it I'm switching, and changing it up
in Arabic to announce our arrival
And after some scuffling inside a lamp was lit
And the changing angle of light in the wide crack under the door
some the battle against grief is just
Beginning, yellow ribbons are everywhere, with the
Release of John McCarthy,
It seems at last the world is changing
honest and complete, she would always call me "carino,"
And never Technique, bought me a new book to read every 2 or 3 weeks
Forever changing
You'll watch a nigga get soaked
That's your brother nigga, say you love the nigga
How you watch a nigga stay broke?
Same way I came, I ain't changing up
glow when I walk
Don't phone if you're wasting my time, got me changing my number 'cause I don't wanna talk

Pull up, pull up and dump off, dump off
are drunk so fuck it, I'm about to kiss her
Any complications, I'm blaming it on the liquor
Changing my name on Twitter and blocking her on my Insta
changing, re-arranging he pattern of our lives. 
So let your heart stop beating beneath this twisted sky." 
They were embraced by sadness, but not afraid
from the endless horizon
Or flowers to mark out the changing of seasons

No animals dwelt in the forests or fields
All life was extinct; its fate had

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