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You're an intellectual giant, an authority
To preach and teach the whole world about ecology
     Tell me baby are you gonna make any other claims?

distrust authority
the only rules are your own
spilling blood for a piece of dirt
(wake up and bury what's dead)
shows what a human being is
songs are blowin' up my speakers 

I say you got no respect 
Respect for authority 
You're just playing your dirty tricks 
And then come cryin' to me
Somewhere somewhere
Somewhere somewhere

We got to find this love oh
Oh help us Jah above yeh come on
We got to find this love
Those in authority
But I'm not
But I'm not
But I'm not
But I'm not

Don't question my authority or put me in the box

Oh go and tell the king that
Tower of Babel has fallen down again
Information disarray
I don't know who I should believe in
Everybody's an authority
Fragments don't count
with the children
Were they just a game?
Leave them alone or we'll get sore
We've had blokes like you in the station before
The hand of authority
authority or put me in the box
'Cause I'm not
'Cause I'm not

Oh go up to the king, and the sky is falling in
But it's not
But it's not
Maybe not
Maybe not
You're old enough to know what's right (X2)
Authority's established by instilling fear in you
They tell you that you're powerless there's nothing you can
and the weak

Officer down

Can we really afford to be so selectively blind?
If we dig too deep what would we find?
At authority's heart beats a dollar sign
manages to do is annoy
Leave a train wreck around him
Every time he goes to and town and when
The authorities wanna impound him
I bet you're glad you
by the rules
And be told what to do
We're not part of their society
Fuck their authority
We're the youth of today
And nothing can stand in our way
Now that he`s finally trying to make some sense
He drinks in self-defense
Give me temptation

The subtle touch of authority will
Take you anytime
away they key


He didn't take shit from no one, He wouldn't bow down on his knee
Authorities they hate him, Because he was just too real,
Hey hey hey clear the way
There's no escape from my authority - Didn't I tell you
I am the one the only one I am the god of kingdom come
In the midst of great impossibilities
I receive recognition, prominence and honor
Petitions are granted to me even by ungodly authorities
When your well runs dry no blood to spill,
Castrate the pig, a testament to free will

The absolute rejection of authority,
The absolute
night to win
But the authorities insist on my leaving
Take care, my American friend." 

With my weekend at Haiti concluded
I now had a little money
a part of society
You know, the heart of your innocence dies
When we met with Authority
I looked him right between the eyes
'Cause all we had was our
that he's finally trying to make some sense
He drinks in self-defense
Give me temptation

The subtle touch of authority will
Take you anytime down
Your sense of justice I'll embrace 
But your defense don't help my case 
I'm deep in trouble with the law 
Something about authority 
Seems to bring
wouldn't bow down or kneel.
Authorities, they hated him
Because he was just too real.
Lord, Lord,
They cut George Jackson down.
Lord, Lord,
They laid
free from democracy

Supreme power invested in the people
Is a bit extreme
The highest rank of authority
Only God is Supreme!
to leave in your will
Hey hey hey hey


Upload, a child with no father
Download, no respect for authority
Upload, a child with no mother

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