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corridors of the immigration authorities
Whole families with the wrong bits of paper
Are waiting to be sent back to where they came from
Escorted by officials
I'm out on my own in the streets

There's murder on my mind

Don't hate authority
You know I'm not all mad
Know that nobody loves me
Don't make
Left in the hands of the authorities.
Burning, so patiently.

and you know how it is...
All of this time and so little has changed.
The powers that be
Assuming authority.
Have you no
Leave Me Alone

God's Given Me Authority
So To You I'll Never Be Bound
You're Wasting Time On This Soul Of Mine
So Why Don't You Run along Now?
Be a threat to the upper class

What else could you be in a bourgeois country like this
But a thorn in the ass of the authorities

Can't live without
From the slums to the suburbs there's a rallying cry,
people are kicking authority, blacking its eye.
It's sure time to party when your freedom
Not yet, no heart or flower
Nothing speaks to me
I am your indolent soldier
No authority have I
Daydreaming, fetal feeling, on the void again
This is called American.
Ignorant society
Has had its dose (of) reality.
Fading glory I can see,
Will have us questioning authority.

Mayhem and murder.
Question morality
Question your authority
Question everything that you've ever known
Will Iever close my eyes?
Will I never look to the sky?
Will I
and authority
Blacklisted calamity, forceful rape entity
Devils in uniform, you'll wish you were never born

Disarray in the nation, disarray degradation

To put a lead on it
Would be to give yourself authority
To put a stop to it
Would be to change the way that we must rotate

I salute your kindness
to say;
He doesn't need authorities to reason Him away;
He doesn't need an army to guarantee a win;
He just needs a Few Good Men. 

Men full
Buy a big bright green pleasure machine

Do figures of authority just shoot you down?
Is life within the business world a drag?
Did your boss
I am the one
Camouflage and guns
Risk my life
To keep my people from harm

Vested in me
I sacrifice
With my brothers in arms
I'm unbeatable
My mind is untreatable
Crimes repeatable
Public enemy number one

Public enemy number one
Watch the authorities come undone
Power abuse; Authority misuse
They kill and rape
And it won't be on the news
But you're the good one 
With the badge and a gun
Bragging how you
the substance is killed

Tainted in this authority, wicked is its rule.
A cast of impure force
Dine, the feast of the assumption is well at hand.
Here (Nothing left for you here)

You know I'll never fold like you're the authority, I won't throw my hands
Up like you're the authority, You
but just that very minute
It occurred to me
The suckers had authority
Cold sweatin' as I dwell in my cell
How long has it been?
They got me sittin'
all mistakes that you'll make 
How long will it take until you break 
From authority's eyes, we're just a virus, just a frame 
A world in technology
our way back in

Fighting fire with unlit matches
From our respective trenches
No authority can clean up this mess we're in
A miracle might point
know that the press
Will glorify their feats
So that the general public fear them
And the authorities say give 'em all seats
And the wasted seed
Upon those in authority
But you never know until you try
How things just might be
If we came together so strongly

Are you gonna try to make this

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