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Capitalist wanker - neat idea

Increase profits, sell more beer

Company announce music sponsorship

Just a cheap ad for their fuckin' shit

Dirty Harry is dead [x4]
I'm here to announce that Dirty Harry is dead
Now witness the grudge from his son, Oil Can Harry, the Boss, hahaha
the last oath
The way is open... now they are coming
called by the blasphemous words of the lord

...and finally the violent waves announce their arrival
announces that the next world championship
will take place here in Merano, Italy.

The current world champion Frederick Trumper of the United
Rise up warriors of the night

Our war is about to begin

The thunder announces the battle

Bloody and merciless

Fire guides our steel warriors
If they announce it in the news you don't know my number
So please peace nah phone sitting in the arena
All black faces they gone figure who we are
Wake up,
take a good look around.

Make sure nobody dared to announce just what you were waiting for.

Pack up,
all your shoes and your clothes,

In my kingdom
The winds
Only announce
The forgotten mystery
but I won't forget I loved you

I wanna shout it from the rooftops, announce it through a PA (I loved you)
I wanna paint it on your doorstep, put it
this ward

Thane of Cawdor dubbed by the king
All men will testify this day

Banquo, my friend can ye trust thine eyes
Set forth announce of my new name
devil stick, on the jes tip tip, we got the grip grip
So I announce pronounce the Holy Script Script
Check it, in HIM no sin my friend within
From the top
of the huge trembita
Is echoed away from the carpathians
We announce the funerals to the still alive
World coming from the boreal land we won many nations
Immunity avoid decay
In the trench of pestilence
The bible screams announce your faith
Mutterings of death to bring
Suffocate a newborn thing
Hat hier im Viertel gar keine Chance
Wer Demontage sucht, kommt sowieso zu mir

Ich bin ein Abrissunternehmen
Das heimlich Steuern unterschlägt
the spookiest comin through
Mothafucka, me and you
Gotta little rendevouz time to call the Misty Blue
To offically announce you
Now take a deep breath while you
the ceremony)
Announce the coming of the white prophet
And take this cup away from me,
And stand in the light the superstar beholds,
In the ancient funeral,

The thunder announces the birth of the hero
In nightly silence of the sleeping earth
And the lightning's brightening the baby's face
And his first
They've all got something to announce?
Well it's true, yeah it's true
They're all waiting at your command.

Yeah you know
That we all just wanna go
won't come first
And the world is your oyster, your toy - I don't know I think you're goddamn annoying
You announce all you say as if it were gems -
To announce without a regret
It's thrillin' !
Tell the world the wonderful news
Folks' re troopin' in from farther 'n' near
F' news
of the seasons will go on
In the tears of autumn rain
Leaves are falling in the lane
To announce the soon return
Of glacial winter winds
react against it/ you can't announce it/ There is a time when you get to know/ that it's made for you// It invades you are you are rebel no more/ It
Deadly rhymes I announce and pounce when I write them
Wild out in my own house when I write them
I mean, he's way cool, he breaks rules
Gets cash in
announce the birth of the king 
Naked among the empty plates' splendor 

The laughter will return 
When the green walls reflect it 
Broken glass can be

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