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for a Bebe kid
Puffing on this gas
Huh let me breath
I be nervous all the time
Announce yo self before approaching me
Guess I got to smoke the Jit
the world
And give back with love come here baby give me a kiss
David's lyrics Solomon's eyes cup overflows
I can't lie sins I announce wrong doings I can't
Bring the bags up to my way and bring in large amounts
Now If I do it then I do it no need to announce (no need)
Don't be talkin' shit but you so quick
come round here in a brand new shirt
And announce that you're a brand new girl
But you stole that line
And you probably stole the shirt as well
To announce without a regret
It's thrillin' !
Tell the world the wonderful news
Folks' re troopin' in from farther 'n' near
F' news
is hot
I announce the bounce, smooth like an ounce
Blow more ways than one y'all niggas count

One Mississippi, you can't get with me

It's my pleasure to announce
In conjunction with the fed
And my recent popularity

Thanks in part to mother nature
It will never rain again
finest home of family entertainment
Is proud to announce a first
The first time, anywhere there has been an act of this nature
Not only one little lady but
byleits bror farar
Kva er det ikkje Kampfar klaren?

[English translation:]

[Red And Black]

The days have darkened
Mother earth announces her
for sixteen years.
We are proud to announce, The trippin' the dead,
The thunderous cacophony
The Crack Rocksteady Beat!
As the same bitches that
a spectrograph would miss

And then announce her decision
While demanding her reward
The jellyfish kiss

Now we checked out this duck quack
Who laid a big egg, oh
only announce
I have learned to respect the color yellow
For one reason or another
And in the insurmountable non strength of one's weight
Coasting by on my old bike
Amid churches ambition built
The car horns announce the arrival
Of every new stranger with dreams yet fullfilled
Here's my
Everyone gather round 
I think we should announce 
That it is time to bounce 

While your moving that left & your right foot 
It's better now
a heart of gold
A thick dust layer on the bell announces a place where heroes seldom show

Stetson tongue sucks his bridge work
Between goldfishing his
the barrel announce my ferocity
Twist spacious velocities
For haters watchin me
Make your block an atrocity
Break you down microscopic
Only doctors see, what
Only one lady away from the freedom I yearn for
But before you get excited,
She's gotta check the writing,
I'm sorry to announce that the check is gonna
ah gyal ah get weak, me cyaan' even count
Me hair trim, me nuh shake mi bank account
Internet get crazy, news announce
Any bwoy diss e Gad, di fool
Well if you really lookin
For what you want the most
Check out what you drinkin
Fore you announce a prost
If you tryin messin
To the holy ghost
I. Innocence

II. Cold Daze
The coldness of confusion
Hangs in the morning air as
Brazen bells ring reality
To announce the conqueror dawn
at attention every time they announce me
Success is my revenge
You throwing pebbles in the wind
I send messengers with a pen
More medicine with the blend
Brother Tree and Sister Stone
Hear my call! Brother Thunder and Sister Night
Announce my coming!
May it's reflection be seen in the eye of the owl,
Shining in darkness the vary eyes of the lord o birds of prey announces the passing of time
With his piercing call
The thick dark leaves
announce my Bride
It is the only way the Sea could sing
Legends of Lusitanian pride
He sings the words I cannot spring

At the Moon Mountain six wolves

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