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original B-Boy, my peeps call me Merc'
I'm from N.Y.C., so see why in me
There's a lot of hustlin', found around my cheek
Sippin' strawberry daq, that
a nigga to nut too quick
If you slip she'll catch ya, you're caught in the rapture
Don't fall in love when the pussy's thrown at ya
You're caught in
you doin, that cost time,
That's way too expensive,
And if I ever get a date with a dime I'm sending my representative,
The version of Andy that's
all witches in throw'em in ditches
if you front to this you just kit stitches
down with the rumpeltil and I love the redskinz
should I begin trancept by
Niggaz-niggaz, hated by mo' bitch ass niggaz
Took a fall, got arrested then you bitches got bold
What you thought I wasn't coming back, to bomb on you hoes
people's dead
America, together we stand, divided we fall
Mr. Bush sit down, I'm in charge of the war!

Yes yes y'all, the I-N-S bless y'all
Stop hearts
laughing as I drowned in mystical tears
mind consumed by thoughts that my physical fears
I can't, listen with ears, cause words will deceive
take much stuff, we kick up nuff dust
Trust no hoe, or no man, shit can't even trust each other
And even though I love her, time for me to drop my
need to be free with you tonight 
I need your love 

I need your love 

Now I'm dreaming, will ever find you now? 
I walk in circles but I never
the first fo fall
I've been lovin' Iceman, ever since I seen George Gervin ball
You so broken when you die yo', hearse'll stall
So weak you probably
can pin you all in them disguises
So if you want to come test
Definite action must proceed
But before it goes down
I gots to alert the rest of my
versions of Feeding of the 5000
By jerks whose only fuck off to the system has been one off the wrist?
It's the Feeding of the 5 Knuckle Shuffle.


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