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sispan'n tire
pou rouge et bleu trop sang koule
Haiti, Paris, Montreal, New york city
[ Touch Your Button Carnival Jam song text brought to you by
by the box 
D is just disinterested 
In anything you've got 

But E eats everything 
Yeah, E eats everything 
E eats everything 
Yeah, E eats
Ladies and gentlema,n I wanna introduce to you my brothers
They go by the name of
Ronnie, Mike, Ricky, Doug E, y'all
Ronnie, Mike, Ricky, BBD,

E' un mondo difficile
è vita intensa
felicità a momenti
e futuro incerto

No puedo convencer a mi corazón
si yo no dudo why estoy seguro
Natural born sinner

I'm not gonna change
So stay out of my way
I don't need you to understand
That I'm already saved
Maybe you should stop
and I am you

So go ahead and point your fingers
Tell me who to love is it him or her?
When will you see this is who I am
Natural born sinner
[Lil' Kim]
I'm the L-I-L to the K-I-M
And not be	-I-G, R.I.P. ba-by
I, rep BK and the, N.Y.C.
Don't no bitch do it like I D-I-D
And, since
dans la vie
Comme si on étais tout seule
Comme si le cries des gens qui suivre
N étais pas dans nos cœurs
Todos somos uno

Más allá que aquí
a fortuna 'a gente mmiezz'a via
A stessa fortuna d'a mia
Te stress'a vivere accussì
E 'sta bandiera nun ce serve perché n'ce rappresenta
Noi nun simmo na
I'm s-I-c-k of my meaningless life
Where c-h-a-n-c-e-s pass me by
It's r-e-a-l-I-t-y
Presold, you are lady of terrible guilt
That's not my
and V and W are worn out from this song
And X and why just will not share and will not get along

But E eats everything
Yeah E eats everything

talk come easy
Sometime(s) it get you by
But love is a five letter word
It's simply M-O-N-E-Y

You just can't live on kisses
Or a warm embrace
Ce n'est jamais qu'une histoire
Comme celle de milliers de gens
Mais voilà c'est mon histoire
Et bien sûr c'est différent
On essaie, on croit
and lovers, give a call, make a match, by the sound of a voice

why O you N G, F are double E, a-a-and single, s-s-s-single
Why O you N G, F are double E
Ce n'est jamais qu'une histoire
Comme celle de milliers de gens
Mais voilà c'est mon histoire
Et bien sûr c'est différent
On essaie, on croit
Yeah nega I'm going rep this motherf***ing No Limit to I D.I.E
Check this out n****
I could gave a F*** what a n**** gotta say about me
this is N.Y., N.Y.
N-I-N-E, make niggas M-I-A
And I spray a, it`s Fizzy Womack truck
Bitch don`t get in my way
Fuck the jail faces, I leave your body
Make them shake they body, bodies
It's the number one clique who love to party
We from the bottom, M-I-A
Came to have a ball and y'all, it's okay
a n**** reach
My dogs will bite you and guess who the n**** leash
I was once told by my n**** Meach
You feed a sucka' he just grow to be a bigger leach
[Intro - Tech N9ne (Taken from S.H.E.)]
I got the idea to do this next one right after the S.H.E. shit happened
So my nigga Kaliko came through
to get a bollocking...
(recorder clicks on and off here)...the time, I know why 'e got a bollocking, because you, you know, you dunno what the fuck 'e
There's nothing left to say
All that is left is

P-A-I-N release me
P-R-I-D-E don't tease me
S-H-A-M-E why don't you take away my pain

give a fuck I keep it gangsta y'all
I'ma ride for my side in the C.P.T.
God bless the memory of Eazy-E
If it wadn't for me where the fuck you'd be?
to ride
To keep the heater right by her side

Ah-yo so what the deal dogg tell me keep it real dogg
N****z seem to the brain how you feel dogg
nosotros te tiene que conquistar
Bella y sensual, sobrenatural
Uno de nosotros te tiene que conquistar

Golden combination