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Ultimately, the band opted to carry on
Under the original doors name
Auditioning new singers.
One young hopeful, a struggling art
Student from
we resist
Fools imploring their Gods for regrets.
Pray to idols for their sanity
Yet ultimately reach submission.
Into the hands of death we detest
unaware that the power they possessed would
ultimately lead to their downfall."
my defensive mask of optimism like a badge
And ultimately I am much to lazy to change
I'm rather conditioned to my life of melodrama

and purpose
All the material pleasures ultimately are worthless
They are not needed to explain that
You will wreck your brain
If you do not maintain
Hey, will the world turn upon me
Will the soul survive ultimately
Oh, will peace ever be found
When I drag my feet on hallowed ground

And I
was to know ya
Oh, but be ready to sacrifice
If you love him you should tell him twice
Because when everything that's alive
Ultimately dies oh, Lord
ultimately compelling the seas to rise and devour the continent, leaving no
trace of the glory which once was. These passages seem to have been
can this be all bad

It's all the same
If you are blinded by the spell you're under
Too bad, it's too bad

My eyes are red
Ultimately everybody's
ultimately though your grace
Will give way to traffic jams
Submachine guns in hand
City red-necks who think like the omega man
Feelin' the extremes
in three languages
You are more than the sum of what you consume
Desire is not an occupation
You are ultimately thrilled and desperate

Who wears the pants is as much a mere circumstance

As a matter of time
Ultimately, why should we car
Where one buys one's lace underwear
the truth

Beautiful is beauty's way
Who told the guru what to say
It wasn't Christ who had a better way
'Cause He knew that ultimately 
The Mojo hand
you ultimately park it
When she touch the turf, tell her exit.
Met few girls with a lot of bad habits
All have in common, search yu pockets
Wake up
of the Pre-Cambrian sea, the First Ones throve. Those who were engineered to live on land duly constructed the grand Antarctic Megalopolis, ultimately becoming
always something else
But anything you do to me
You ultimately do to yourself

There's a shiver in my soul each time you try to break me
If I don't
has, is, and will be..
That’s, that’s true.
And could take it into space. And that’s why we need a space ship. ‘cause that’s ultimately what space
has, is, and will be..
That's' that's true.
'And could take it into space. And that's why we need a space ship. 'cause that's ultimately what space
atop it's grave 
And though I was born the same I sit ultimately ashamed 
And I would so gladly love to shed this cursed skin 
Give all this up for
hair like twist
You know three strands twist together
Ultimately you get to where you wanna get to

From the same dirt from the heels of my ancestors
if you win, ultimately you lose
Real niggas like, "why Hov talking to dude"
He's selling low too
Only time you went plat
My chain was around your
I just want to wrap myself in you baby,
We could tell the world were fooling around.

Ultimately, I'd say she's toying with me
Its a case
be beastly to the Germans
 When our victory is ultimately won,
 It was just those nasty Nazis who persuaded them to fight
 And their Beethoven
And ultimately the conclusion that you come to
Shh, she's sleeping

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