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Tress MacNeille  



I got too much on my mind to sit and argue with a coward
My money tress planted when the seas fall into my piece water by the gallon
You know I
people wiser then me
Prophet like Nobel Ali
I just want smoke on my weed
Sit out in nature and talk to the tress
Never forget that its blood on the leafs
the greatest (Palms)
Don't owe any nigga favors yo bitch follow ima slay her (Ohhh)
Blowing tress ina lambo nigga been ready im on set go 
Act foul whistle blow
shit toxic 
I come off the top quick, dime bitch she's thick
Now I need that top 'tress, her lips my dick
And I keep that mop stick, talk shit get hit
a fuckin unicorn to get inside
I ain’t one of those
But I’ma hustler tho
Stay up, on my fuckin toes
Stay wit tress like poconos
Gotta watch my fuckin back
But we fell apart
Got that ink on my body it's your name lil shorty
I love it when you salty Wanna take you to Saudi
Tress, you like an Arab
about get that funding
Are you looking at me
Or a the bands
I hear the bass drop every time it leaves my hands 

Ferraris hang from the tress

If you cry
Chica hip hip

Chica up
Chica down
Chica Bruce Lee Jackie Chan 

Chica fat ass
Chica no stress
Chica first class
Chica un dos tress
Fuck up them tress
I keep smoking on that weed
I’m with the boys and we fucking up them beats
I got it then I repeat I cannot sleep
Like a soldier come
Alright I guess I'll stay the night

Want to hold you
But life is a natural poison
Someone told me
How you've been letting the boys in

A golden tress
can take you high
Breeze in the tress, I Breathe you now
The Reason The Season to Blow it Down Control it now
Control it Now
Until The Light Hits
I'll  go face fuck his miss-tress
Then murder all her children 
I might end up in prison 
But did it for the fuck of it uh
It's twelve am, I'm just off work
My heart is set on the city
The winter sky is clear and bright
The lights on the tress look so pretty
I warm my
Yo friends finna be here soon

Girl you took an ecstasy
And you sitting next to me 
So I think its best I leave
Going home to smoke some tress

a ship, i'm a ship, i'm a ship
out on the sea
and all these clouds flying by so fast
well they confuse me
and the long leaves in the tall tress
pale in
I rep KC
GOT A CHICK that blow tress in the windy city all i wanna do is make green smoke weed
All i wanna do is kick it with my bitches
Till the sun
a trailing path
A long draft becomes
A tress of blue ash

If it is born in flames
Then we should let it burn
Burn as brightly as we can

If it's got to end
and Game Point [Fish Scales] Fish Scales and R. Prophit,
Game Point, Wassup?

[Chours][R. Prophit]
See I don't care what them people say
And I blow tress
My life is aiight
But shit gonna change
Since money don't grow on tress
Beggar get on your knees
Life is what you make it
And nigga I'm a Made Nigga
But I have heard sleigh bells ring
And light a spark in some small child

For kids and tress light up at Christmas
As well as preachers and our lawns
Palit tag pagkaon nga imong paborito
Sugod tag alas otso lahus nag alas tres
Di ma tress nakoy S
Dagkuti na na kay 
Tugnaw na ang panahon
Chill sa
of earth drip back into the soil and stay 

And the tears will dry
And the sky will turn
And the tress will wait for the bird to sing today

And the people
As the naked tress talk the blood stains the ground
(And you're too old.  Please, Mister, No)
And the little girl

She screams and cries
She screams in pain
nature’s melody
How far
Can it be?
A spook hiding out amongst the tress
Let me be
I love that twisted symmetry
No matter
How far
It is
You know
I’ll fall

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