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Shadows of war thrived from the start

Cover me with lies illustrate my nightmares
Devil in disguise you are you are
still stands
rotting and worn to bits, coloured by hands
of families, that once thrived among
plots of irises, so many years have gone

Fairest town, but
I've been there
I've sold it
I did okay last autumn
I thrived whilst going place
Not knowing he would be there

I've been here
Well knowing
I lied
Candy was the kind of girl
Who thrived on rollercoasters
And would take you home for supper in a flash

She'd make you into something you are not
Someday, without trying
You'll find something that's rare
Like an eight-letter word
On a triple-word square

and I knew a girl
Who thrived
and you don't fucking know me
And I'll do all I can to rip your world apart
And I will prove why it was wrong for me to ever be
And I will
life with my distorted eyes
When I was younger I was stupid and I thought I thrived
I thought a lot about everything I said in the letter
And questioned
The whorish tongue will lie about it
We've been
How can I sleep with myself at night?
When all I have done
is consented and
But there was no place that I could hide
Cause she was sniffin me out like a hungry blood hound
Her tail in the air, her nose to the ground
Expel at cost
I've looked for valuation
Return what's lost
I've thrived on agitation

I live in fear
Fear of my contradiction

Free my eyes
Galaxies and constellations are at war
The quest to kill the god for ever more

Monuments on Mars record the tale of a universe that thrived with life
of blackness, ten thousand claustrophobic years.
Eyes seeing no light, succumb to blindness.
And cry longing tears, land that once thrived.
Reduced to gray
The planet thrived
Evolving constantly
Breeding amphibian?s life.
As water dries up
Legs develop
Lungs adapt to air
Now fast forward
the victims
Is the shadows
That's burnt into the walls

A fire ridden wasteland
Is all that's left
Where life once thrived
Nothing but ash remain
they've awaited for years.
The death plague wreaks havoc on earth,
A life put to death before birth,
Deserts grow where cities once thrived,
No one
History of accomplishments lost in the fight
Incessant bloodbath from which no one survives 

It’s safe to say that our ship has now sailed

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