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sauce Tabasco
Ça va piquer mon beau
Ça va piquer

Je passe la cinquième les roues envoient des cailloux
Dans toutes sortes de rivières, toute sortes
for better or worse, that's how the rap go
high on the Scoville scale, they sweet Tabasco
through living, come on

Hot tamale, wearing Versace, driving a Maserati 
Eating a bag of Takis
Red hot like tabasco sauce yeah (drip)
Momma got dreads like
stay hotter then Tabasco 
( Hook )
I'm supposed to go ham my nigga this pistol don't jam nigga sale dope by the gram my nigga so I can stunt on the gram
Chiapas Tabasco 
Campeche y Quintana Roo 

Ahí hijo de sur
second name, it's Tabasco
I've siestas every hour, uh, fuck fiascos
I won't go alone, I will take my team
I was hustlin' since I was seventeen
And God told me I am capable
Majestic creature no fable
Angels on my side no devil 
But if they want diablo I spit Tabasco 
Verse cold like Alaska in a fur
on the tongue)


Tabasco (Put it in your mouth)
Aioli (Suck it, suck it)
Chili con carne (Woah)
negra Inés
También en tabasco con la negra Inés 
Allá en Nuevo León con la negra Inés
Durango y Torreón con la negra Inés.

Yo bailo la cumbia hasta
Con un casco di canzoni di tabasco
Come quando ci ridevi, lascia fare
Ho una borsa di ciliege vista mare
Così sogno e guardo il mio firmamento
Plein d'ressources mais minimaliste
Besoin de rien parce que la vie c'est court
Deux trois courses et j'ai fini ma liste
Boite de thon, tabasco, sachet
puede pasar
En el Edo de México Texcoco a disfrutar
Villahermosa es su gente y Tabasco es un Edén
Hay Chihuahua de mi Juan Ga como olvidarte también
słowa wsiąkają w ścieżki z tabasco
Proste hasło
Sprawdź Podziemie
Zaniedbałeś swoją wiedzę o tym co jest pięć słuchaj więc
Serce pompuje krew w rytmie
But they didn't know what to do
With this thing they had found
So they had a party!?

I am senor Valasco
I drink my milk with tabasco
Got no
at these assholes, made me cut off my afro
Blow up the spot, make shit hot like tabasco
Ay yo, I roped these bitches as if a nigga had a lasso
Like Tabasco I'm hot, if I want to get ripple go sip on a Cisco
You hookey-playin rookies like they cookies from Nabisco
I shake it, I bake it, I take
Tabasco sause all over the track
That nigga Roscoe'll boss all over the track
He make the "Girls All Pause" yeah they open to that
Now who you know the flow
on the other hand I'm hotter than Tabasco
You rhyme first and I'll be the last to go
I might win, lose or even draw
But it ain't nuttin' that I ain't never
is hotter than Tabasco sauce
Don't try to ruin me or talk about doin me
(Why?) I got shit that'll spark your whole community
So lounge and peep
Yeah baby, I hope your thirsty
'Cause this is another one of those
Young Roscoe the sodo LT Hutton concoction, toxins

Roscoe Tabascos the sodo
Victor Vito and Freddie Vasco
Ate a burrito with Tabasco
They put it on their rice
They put it on their beans
On their rutabagas and on their
month's sin
Every girl washes out the month's bad times
By flushing her cares out into her panty liners
Tabasco sauce stings the memories
No release
Tabasco but I just gotta ask yo,
Patrz komu ufasz to życie brutalne
Odpadki komunalne
Beton się kruszy gdy kolejne kłamstwo
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