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but reflex couldn't say what I should Probably say but I don't know you well I could be a 
Stoplight blinking after midnight signaling to go up on your
signaling Ragnarok has arrived before Asgard!
Consulting the Mimir Odin will lead our armies to battle at Vigrid
Even though he knows who the prophecies have
underneath a microscope Cells signaling sauce in Morse code
I bring the vibes eSpecially (S)
A they really love my energy (A)
U could never be offending me (U)
a vast desert
ruins in a desolated point
a wrecked stone tower
signaling the presence of a doorway
an observatory outpost
a giant rook
the remains
shutting a zipper
And I clearly got the message; I didn't need to ask her

Making the reverse zipper 'cross my lips, opening for conversation
and hallmark it as the fit ensues
As the curtains fall signaling our time to climb
My ear fell on utterances of a fallen kind
Seven thunders roared beckoning
Out of focus
Left in space
Where no one cares
And I, signaling myself
Just to get through
For a second holds, and then it starts to slide
And just because they're always signaling Mayday
It don't mean a thing
That she's faired love 
And she's seen war
But fairness she don't see
And just
Picture yourself alone
And trapped in a dark flooding room
The water is rising up
And signaling the impeding doom
Screaming at the world
And I'm falling
But I'm rising..
Downwards into blue sky
I'm rising

Downwards into blue sky
Re-entering the earth
Comet's tail behind me
When the mushroom clouds came down 
Smoke signaling too late 
And CNN broke the blow dry grip 
For a flash of the end - like it's some hot tip
somewhere far

Where only we are
Stranded on your heart
I won't call S.O.S
No message in a bottle

No signaling with smoke
I'm trying to get home
If I can't
Dark clouds surround us, it is just like a dream
The sirens around us are signaling despair
I can hear it in your voice how uneasy really is
the sound of silence, signaling the end. They took your life, mother, as a pretense to pretend. The hand that feeds us sat you down. Covered my eyes, thrusted
fall away. stay back, don't follow close. this ballad unchanging. don't break this steady beat. don't call for back-up. stop signaling. they'll change
The stars are hanging, shining brightly

the sky above me glows white

the tiny lights, flickering slowly

as if they were signaling me

the falling
Under the eyelids
Under the eyelids
That's where you're hiding
That's where you're hiding

Like I'm a stranger
Signaling danger
But I'm
I live in America 
The home of the free and the brave
Where a 28 year old black woman 
Can be jailed for not signaling
One more American
to me this melody
A rhythm I have never known

A love song like no other one
Resounds on in time
Your design it lights up the distance
of old
Dark words of power
Blood upon their tombs
Through incantations
Locusts fly, signaling doom
Confirm who I am
Confort all I can
I'm Still Searchin'... Searchin' for you...
Now the Spy, the Traveler
Searchin' the land
Changing nightmares into dreams,
This song is signaling
of how a piano must feel when it looks at the fireplace to see Sheet music being used for kindling
Smoke signaling the end of some song that I thought it

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