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you'll listen to me too
Then I'm the one who sleeps in you
The one who scoffs at your faith
I'm the Calvary of this world
A plague for humanity
instead of smile i scoff
i know its crazy
when everything i've been taught is only just for show

in moderation i know
situations come and go
We've got our tracks covered
Thanks to your older brother
It's not the moonlight that sets me off
It's not the money that makes me scoff

It's my
fallin' to their knees, and angels blowin' horns
I wonder how on Earth the Pharasees, could scoff and drink their wine
And say He's only Hebrew prophesy
I am magnificent

I'm the instigator of the me generation
The official seminator of the female population, babe, rock yeah
Scoff at my rivals 'cause
Another brother to scoff at the dancing patterns of white folk

I think I'm fine the way I am
(and yes I chase my milk with ham)
I think I'm fine
his birth refused, scoff at his claim as the son of god
Await with death as something blessed, leave behind a world of the unconfessed
A setting sun,
my Lord has set my soul free

There are men here that don't ever worship
There are men here who scoff at the ones who pray
But I've got down on my
You ought to know about Mr. Mistoffelees the original Conjuring Cat. 
(There can be no doubt about that.) Please listen to me and don't scoff. 
candy girl selling pretty dreams?
A rainbow smile to tame the storm
In haute couture pristine
So wrap her in a rubber dress, and let the critics scoff
So it seems I pissed you off
And can throw a fit, fuss, holler and spit ...
Cuss and bitch and scoff

And true, if I were in your shoes,
I'd do
between my hips

It's just a small thing
Calling down the rain
I've tried to make it easy
To live inside my pain
I scoff at love and then sweat
Book. Book. Book.

You say that punk to you is what's in your mind not what you
wear, but you know you're so full of shit
You scoff at how the cops
your dry thoughts
On poets of nature, hang them low
Scoff with glee the unfortunate mass
You say stil lclings to the treasures of the past
And music
Walking through forests of palm tree apartments
Scoff at the monkeys who live in their dark tents
Down by the waterhole
Drunk every Friday
gets too late

Well we've seen a lot of riots, we just sit and scoff
We've seen a lot of muggings, and the judges let 'em off

(Repeat Chorus)

crumbling mill town was a booming mill town in its day, 
And the old investors scoff at this, but the young ones hope they'll take a chance, 
And they
And the acrobats, well they tend to scoff
All you know is that you can get her off
And you feel alright, the stars are bright, the missionary position

The tried
Anthony's oh

We nearly had to fend them off
They came in the house and began to scoff
Of refreshment sure there wasn't enough
Enough for the maids to come
The atheist plays whilst the orthodox pray.
Fundamentalists freak-out as humanists scoff.
A headlong collision 'twixt science and religion;
There'll be Hell
at the reins

You really get off on offing humans
You really get off on all mankind
It's really a scoff, just vaulting through this
To really get off
I never saw the wonders
Of His early life
When sceptics turn to me
They scoff at my reply

I never stood and saw Jesus, face to face
They say, I'm
To make a suicide come true
Masturbation-getting off; you can scoff
Your ideals offer nothing new!
I'm getting ready to run and hide,
Looking for
credit for having class 
One thumb on the pulse of the nation one thumb in your girlfriend's ass 
Written on written off scoff callin' me a joke 

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