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all-enthralling day 
Just before I sailed away 
She said the word I longed to hear her say
I tenderly caressed her 
Close to my heart I pressed her 

And they sailed to every land
And they sailed to every port
Just to see what faults they could find

Then they put her on the land
For nine
But for one crowded hour, you were the only one in the room
And I sailed around all those bumps in the night to your beacon in the gloom
I thought I
life in motherland

there is no sea that is so dark
to hide the color of my blood

i fell a thousand times - down from the golden sky
i sailed to distant
Won't be the same again

But with open arms you sailed away
So strong so brave on your final day
But in our dreams we thought that we'd grow old
it overcomes, on the darkest day my shadow it sailed away, I hope that your doing fine I know you made, you made the sun decline. The things I might
We drifted apart on the sea of life
Sailed into new horizons, out of sight
We lost the way, we lost the key
But the spirit was kept alive and free
the sea.
I sailed the ship all alone.
I wondered when Im gonna make it home.

Louie Louie, oh baby, I gotta go.
Louie louie, oh baby, I
In the town where I was born
Lived a man who sailed to sea
So we sailed through the night
In our yellow submarine
We all live in a yellow
So you sailed away
Into a grey sky morning
Now I'm here to stay
Love can be so boring

Nothing's quite the same now
I just say your name now

My mother came to America
Sailed through the harbor of hopes and of dreams
Back in the Thirties
With the streets paved in gold
And the sky laced
on the Belfast be	
But when she sailed she sailed without me
In Needle Pete's got my last tattoo
In bleeding letters of red and blue

For Mary
For the sake
enthralling day 
Just be-fore I sailed away 
She said the word I longed to hear her say, 
I tenderly caressed her 
Close to my heart I pressed her
And what was on those ships all three
On Christmas day, on Christmas day
A little boy and our lady
On Christmas day in the morning

Oh they sailed
in the line of your tracks

Some ends forgotten and other released
What ever happened to the boys
Now that sailed for the seas

Well you know you're
It ain't enough
Searchin' the world for love
Sailed across the ocean and made a u-turn
And now we're sittin' in the same place

Tomorrow ain't
I used to be a sailor
Who sailed across the seas
But now I'm just an island
Since they took my boat away from me
Oh no
I don't like being
Our ship sailed on through the
Violent burning sea
Not knowing of the danger
Waiting in store for me

We wound up all in mayhem
The vessel
an infant's dream
Like a rubber duck, floating in the bath
So I sailed away on their time, Liner!
Taking young lives in their prime, Liner!
Harbor, I saw
Louie Louie, me gotta go now
Louie Louie, me gotta go now
A fine girl, she wait for me.
Me catch the ship across the sea.

Then sailed me ship
I've sailed over the ocean, and I've traveled many lands
Even flown in the big bird in the sky looking down from heaven's den
And as I go from town
under and over
They all knew at a glance when he took up his stance
That he sailed on the Irish Rover

There was Barney McGee from the banks of the Lee
Somewhere in the trenches
There's a pot of gold

Feel like a ship that sailed
Across the ocean
I wanna know
Where in the gray, the good
And bad is the answer
you well
Black demon guardians flying 'round the edge
Tell me was it worth it son when you enter the gates of hell

We sailed away across the seven

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