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The Break and Repai…  


in some parking lot
Smoke half a smoke and ask
St. Boniface and St. Fratel
Preserve me from my past

Repair our potholes
Prevent plant closures
And if
and stand my ground

Illuminate and I will follow

Amongst the stone and smoke
Rising above it all
Broken, but not beyond repair
See how this
to wounds that won't
repair with time

Don't count on me
I'm not what you need

Temporary but can't be erased
Pushed away to a darker place
Time no good
Wisdom no good
Patience no good
To me anymore

Now night has fallen on the stair
Some things you do you can never repair

You should have heard my tiny boy for courage in this man
The courage to repair our shattered world now right again
Thanks to him I found her
you're older
You need someone's shoulder
What about mine?

Growing' up your mind was closed
For repairs for a long long time
You could feel
Metamorphosis from first to last
A system breaking down beyond repairs
A product of 3 million millionaires
One hundred million easy marks

We are Marie
yourself left to betray

A needless ir-repair repairing your despair
You take great measure to appear like you don't care
The decision and persuasion must
Desire to find the higher power
In the hour of despair
Cutting out the stitches
Guess there's bridges to repair
Holding on to whats left
In need of repair, it won't be you I'm calling

Try to take me down
I'll be right up
'Cause you aim too low
And I've had enough
Always been top
Beyond repair but forever yours

All my life all I ever did was try and try
I never meant to be your problem child
Your problem child, yeah
of this anymore

The rain water drips
Through a crack in the ceiling
And I'll have to spend
My time on repair
But just like the rain
I'll be always
can't repair 
We're just victims 
There's no one to blame 
First rule in this game 
You play 
Hide and seek of predators and preys 
Our true nature
Damaged beyond repair
I was, I was much better off
Before I met you
And your with him
It pisses me off that your A-Okay
And all that I've got
Someone who would care
You've broken your life
Beyond repair
You're reaching for every rainbow
You're wondering why
Don't reach out for love
to feel something today

Open me up and you will see
I'm a gallery of broken hearts
I'm beyond repair, let me be
And give me back my broken parts

Open me up and you will see
I'm a gallery of broken hearts
I'm beyond repair, let me be
And give me back my broken parts

I just want to know today,
Under full moon
I see you there
And I beg forgiveness from your stare

Have I done wrong
Beyond repair?
And you say that I should lie alone
keep coming back
A mystery to me
I found what I've been seeking 
It's too late for me to care
My inspiration's leaking 
From a hole I can't repair
the air
Fix the things around us
So badly in need of repair
But I might not have the sense
Sense enough to change

I slipped along the way
A thousand deaths I've seen,
My mind is scarred beyond repair,
Don't really care if I survive,
This life of mental despair,

Lies, lies, see
to repair it
Anyway you can

The time was the late 80's
Every block had a stray dog with rabies
Fiends threw away their crack babies
Arguin? with my brother
far beyond repair
All I do is think of you
I'm too consumed, can't always have you
Around myself

Crazy mirror of me
The only question is for
a waste, 
We all need an endless vacation from all the problems the world can provide, 
Just need reconciliation to repair what is wrong in your live, 

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