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Refined Brothers  


graves, divided for love's sake
Refined in rapture - ready to fly or to die
Mother could I come back to you?
I'm lifted up into the presence of divine
hop, you're, playin' yaself
You're, playin' yaself, you're, playin' yaself

Now these ladies is looking pretty from city to city
I refined a few I
Specialised and refined
In heart breaks relined
I'm a mercy killer

But when I look in your eyes
I don't' see anything
Now I've seen a love

To a love so much refined,
We know not what it is until 
Like a dullen wine we pour into a grief 
Know before but never quite like this.
it's in the bag
Sir Diesel, instantly had
Twistin' these leads 'til ya kissin' feet

My systems neat, refined, sleek mind
Deep kind of p game
me, our shit is tight

Self-made millionaire, refined myself
My success, God bless, not defined by wealth
Come on, we live in crazy times, niggas
the quicksand wasn't part of the plan
'Till I let go

Never took no for an answer
Refined your skills as a dancer
Perhaps a change of direction
Was only for your
Will subdued and shackled
Reason washed aside
Pledging our love to the chains
Our ignorance ever amplified

Blooded hands lead the waltz
? just contemplated signs

Distant looks from your face take me to another place in time where we were more refined
Night drains just awake in
I used to fall in love with all
Those boys who maul refined ladies
But now I tell each young gazelle
To go to hell, I mean, hades

For since
I've never been refined
But ooh-ooh-ooh, maybe
If I could change your mind

It'd be a small step for mankind
If these planets aligned

Ooh, this
If I was dirt
That filled up your life
If I was dirt
So pure and so refined
I'd be the dirt that
Blackened all that shined

I used to fall in love with all
Those boys who maul refined ladies
But now I tell each young gazelle
To go to hell, I mean, hades

For since
of pricks. 
They're the gods of what was independent rock 
And now is vaguely refined hogwash that I mock. 
Jacket patched up with a Wesleyan degree. 
and find
Letters I wrote you in my mind
Perhaps I could unknot us from this awful bind
Most I have forgot, or over refined

Love is a sickness killed by
to wear

She wears all them clothes I'd like to wear
Her tastes are refined
I think they're the imported kind
Paris she's the perfect babe for me

She, she
Tourniquet binds, tether reminds, clean but confined to eyes
Carceral time, brutal, refined, distractions define
Turn on channel 3
the Dred, Mike Z and Chino
You know (What? What?)

Look me eye-to-eye and see what you find
A crime nigga, nine spitter, mind digga, refined
With well refined rhymes like a editor
Throw them to my collection of skulls and spines like Predator
Fuck around, the only niggas who could hear
So refined, such a special grade
But you can't take it with you

No, you can't take it with you
No, no, you can't take it with you
corridors and drug stores
Immensely spokes and leave scars of no evidence
Dense minds outlined in chalk, the refined walk
Can rise again like cocks,
And blind from spying her
In the arms of others


Buried inside
Where she's all but mine
Save for those that dine
Who heard kill quick
And independent since 96' they still ride ya dick
I refined the style with wild wit from an era with an automan mix

My sugalumps are two of a kind
Sweet and white and highly refined
Honeys try all kinds of tomfoolery
To steal a feel of my family jewelry

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