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Oh no, please not that again
Love rears up its ugly head
Clash with reality 
It rears it's ugly head 
Clash with reality 
The indescribable 
Let the dogs lie 
Where we sleep
It's the sound that comes from underground
That's got you clapping got you shaking your rears
Insert cassettes, then push eject
You're flashing red
Can't let the past stay in its cave
It rears its head
That reforms in us will bring about.
(As) parallels we run so close
Yet as I try
To draw to you,
Incoherence rears its ugly head.
Of integration ?
You do your utmost to discourage it.
Envy, resentment, jealousy.
Token emotions -
The white horse rears and spreads its wings
To reach the sky and search the kings
The one will lead to win at last
The white horse rears and spreads its wings
To reach the sky and search the kings
The one will lead to win at last
High speed drift on a prairie road
Hot tires sing like a string being bowed
Sudden town rears up then explodes
Fragments resolve into white line code
Whirl on silver wheels
Oh no, please not that again
Love rears up its ugly head
And when the truth rears,
its ugly head, it's all too late.
Too late for the omission,
A calloused right hand
Holds a shiny gold watch
For thirty rears spent on the clock
But you won't see no tears
From this working class hero
The wrought-iron screens
 Are dreadfully overwrought.
 Beneath each tree
 In Tennessee
 Erotic books are read.
 And when alligators thud
 Through the Mississippi mud
 Sex rears its ugly head.
 But-I like America,
 Every scrap of it,
 All the sentimental crap of it
 And come what may
 Give me a holiday
 In the good old U.S.A.
No way of understanding this sad and painful sign 
Whenever Satan rears his head, there comes a tragic time
If He could crush the cradle, then that would stop the cross
And when they're dead and gone
The hurting gets even worse
So when tension rears its ugly head
Look the other way and stay just one step ahead
With his rent in his rears./Give him six years.
Horse breath is panting really hard
The black horse rears up, its mane is flying high
Braveness and truth is in its heart
Let's make it clear that we gon' take it there
The way it appears, there ain't a club shakin' rears
Mocha here, call me the richest chick
With the thickest chips, and the quickest whip
I got nasty habits, it's a fine line, so many girls and so little time 
When love rears its head, I want to get on your case
Winds blow from the bowels of hell
Will we give warning,only time will tell
Satan rears his ugly head,to spit into the wind
Restless widow in the dark
Careless looks for a spark
Near the trap fate rears it's head
No hesitation, victim dead
Just from the start it's the end
He likes to watch as she pumps on her own caress 
Tense like a brick, she rears up on the rocky bed 
It's all he can do not to touch her, he dances instead
Introverted in our ways, trapped inside this plastic skin
Now it's rears it's ugly self, feeds us full of selfish doubt
There's damnation and disgrace, and guilt rears its ugly face
Yet you beg for more, just a little more
Stand in line, don't you lose your mind
To the dastardly basturdly plans of little mice and men
Ugly rears its head and speaks from now and then
People love to disagree so avoid the endless 'bout

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