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No one I don't know ever stands in my eyes. Because of the quote unquote, real world.
I'm thinking about yesterday. I'm actually thinking about yesterday.


Various Artists

Thank You


Try to better, I'll do whatever for mine
And I ain't tryna be your friend's friends
Or your quote unquote fake friend, that's why I hate friends
I'd rather see you laugh to see you cry
They can't throw me off track or slow
If I did, I got a long list of hoes on hoes
I quote unquote say I told you so
Heaven on earth, every night is paradise
That’s head on head, she give me head, I give her glow
I’m in her body, I’m in her head like quote unquote
The coldest flow, the flyest combination was voila
Au revoir to my rivals, double M genius shotta

Mean Mug

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Memphis, Tennessee, BHZ, all up in my blood
Shake ya load off, why ya yellin' quote unquote a thug
Nigga anyway, I don't dig niggas in denial


Various Artists



I'm so caught up with Lindsey (yeah)
Her friend is quote unquote with me (yeah)
I explained that I could never fall, fall, fall
Dear Tasha
it's quote unquote ya one and only baby
I wrote this out cause in person I know you tried to shake me
Oh I struggle and I stammer 'till I'm up to my ears
In miserable quote unquote art
Boring may they rot on the shelf
Big brother's at Columbia University
Quote unquote he's tanning beaver 
Pelts subtle as a billboard oh so refined
Talk to a nigga with a ten-year ago swag
Plus I don't like none of her girlfriends
Quote unquote, "Cause her girlfriends got girlfriends."
On the phone, hollin' that "niggas is whatever"
The next time I'll see you will probably be in some quote unquote
Upscale tropical funeral, I dreamed that's what Nina Simone said to her lover John
I'll never be your scapegoat
Quote unquote
Your underling
Red light, left turn, you never learned
A crash fit for a king
There are only snapshots 'cause they don't know where to land
I do believe we don't stand as one
Quote Unquote:
"Let's shoot one down and see if they're friendly"
Chorus: Give the breaking news a call

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