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Found a place nothing's ever there 
Made a little space big enough to pitch a tent a hideaway 
I hadn't ever gone 'till I whacked my way under
All you guitar players
Scalding hot
And Zeke's going at it
Givin' it everything he's got
'Cause anything goes
Whatever it takes
I might pitch
perfect pitch, perfectly composed
Sound in tune and key, a code of rhythm, and harmony
But when I awoke my coat was worn and my words were plain
won't care
She sits smiling next to you
The sun on the edge
The circle awaits the calm
When he comes to pitch
No hands like the evening
I want you
wrists on his chins
Kelly green shirt
Smirkin' 'cause he don't
Got a nickel to pitch
Steamin' plates
They for reach
We politely withhold
Can't put
I'm this thick black curtain that you see

Invitations all went out with ease

Ninety-two chances for connection die

Replaced by pitch black
was pitch throughout those whole woods

Can we call it what it is?
We're running through alleys
And kissing in doorways
I'm blinded by sunrise
it into the custody of my huckleberry friend
(Am I making pitch or honey?)

No idea why I feel strong
Am I making pitch or honey?

It's the gift
People getting ready
Yeah, people getting ready
To meet the king of kings
To meet the king of kings

Out on the main line
There's a pitch
nature with a pitch fork
But it always comes roaring back again

Misery's the river of the world
Misery's the river of the world
Misery's the river
vanished out of sight
And all the stars collapsed behind the pitch black night
And I can barely see your face in front of mine
But it is knowing you are
retributin at hand
pitch your fall for the big show
grand illusion of fruition
through suspicions of our end

next in line
step to me and bass the buck
The artless way you speak your mind
New stars were born for us tonight
Old sky pitch black, new moon bone whie

I heard the evil thing you said
And I wish
There are others who move so slow
They wait with bated breath
For my fevered pitch
My sweat to run and
Eyes to twitch

I just cannot do it
should have known red flags were warning me
I couldn't see all that when the room was pitch black
Til you'd come and gone
You'd come and gone

I spend
Pitch and toss! Got lost in the fog! Lump on a log!)
Trip a little, trip a little, trip a little, trip a little
Trip a little light fantastic!
If they promise you gold for the price of silver
If it's chemically made
By people you hate
Pinch your arm (pitch around), see if they still there
a beacon that shines in the night, 
A dark pitch though it may be
And the halcyon fields of opportunity 
Turn out to be consensual and arbitrary

the need in my
My heart says yes indeed in me
Proceed with what your leading me to

It's such an ancient pitch
But one I wouldn't switch
'Cause there's no
mind from the sting
Open the gates, and leave all hope

Chaotic atmospherics
Repel my rusted mind
All the prints are turned pitch black
A conflict
When you arouse the need in me

My heart says "yes
Indeed" in me

Proceed with what you're lead in 'me to!
It's such an ancient pitch

But one I

A pitch for which she has been searching
Holds the key to the dreams she's been dreaming

Coming on, coming on, coming on
She's coming
of the whiff
You gon’ do things the way that I do

Better see what the hits you give before you try to make a pitch
Recognize why it ain't you
Only reason why
Newly weds, nearly deads
Seas of green skies of lead
Constant rain on my head
Stately homes for the rich
Bowling green, cricket pitch
Victoria, what

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