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Willy picks a tune out and he blows it on the harp.

Down on the corner, out in the street,
Willy and the poorboys are playin;
while the track stands at attention
Meant to put you away, with the pencil
Pistol, official, sixteen line, a rhyme missile
While you risk your all
I pick
you're out of your mind and she'll pick the time and place
It's hard to know the fatal glow could come on anytime
When someone that you love so has another
me a rose, make my tea with the petals!
Just hang around, pick up the tab,
Never out-think me, just mink me!

Polar bear rug me, don't bug me,
Jigged out, gotta pick ya out from what's left
It's no mystery, the way ya humpin' and bumpin'
I what you comin' home with me?
Dining like a bird,
I pick the blue out of your eyes.
Hijack a plan to France.
If we could watch the moon,
Dance across the street into a bar,
comes out, the kids all shout
"Hey bring him out, come on, bring him out!"
He picks up his guitar, there's a change inside
From the good Dr. Jekyll
Just when you've found your way to
The boiler room
They come to dig you out
With picks and shovels and
Acetylene torches

I couldn't do nothing
sites to see
When I look into my window
So many different people to be
You got to pick up every stitch
Rabbit's runnin' in the ditch
Beatniks are out
, pick me up
Push me out again
And then repeat it


Too busy tripping on my tongue
To try and stand my ground
I can still see myself
a wish
You come true

It's in the way you say my name
Hmm I can pick you out in a crowd
It's written all over my face
Baby you sure got me wearin'
to say
Doesn't seem the same
When you're not around

Now I'm here to tell you
That I'm going out today
Gonna pick-a-myself back up
Get my feet
sing so bad
Pick out a window or a taxi cab yeah!

Not me not mine
Got myself an alibi I think you'll find
Step back, less flack
Two weeks later
the world out or I'll pick you up
Coming over now, gonna pick you up

I still got that '04 V6 and I ain't seeing anyone
I'll pick up the broken pieces
on the fat

[Chorus 2X: Tek (Starang Wondah)]
Hey ma, I'm hollerin', trynna see if you swallowin'
Hey ma, trynna pick out which ride you hoppin' in
I know
The most beautiful girl in the world
Picks my ties out, eats my candy,
Drinks my brandy,
The most beautiful girl in the world!

The most
The most beautiful girl in the world
Picks my ties out, eats my candy,
Drinks my brandy,
The most beautiful girl in the world!

The most
Everytime I go out and pick me a big one

Homegrown tomatoes home grown tomatoes
Wha'd life be without homegrown tomatoes
Only two things money can't buy
on and on
Pick up the blade. come out and play

So you shot up among the living
Now you bleed among the dead way down below
Down you belong

I follow as you lead
it's back to the suites
Next week the Taj mahal
Every day is like a sweet stick 
Pick out what you want
It ain't trickin' if you got it baby
that off your chest

Dragging us miles and miles through the mud
Our faces battered and bruised
We'll pick ourselves up out of the hole that you dug
The wind and the moon are behind me
I feel like a highway man of old
Don't give no mercy I don't need no alibi
I'm out to pick me some love from
While you risk your all
I pick out at your flaws
Spitting rah blah, blah, blah you can say you saw

High voltage
This is the unforgettable sound
So go to the dirt bike track, pick you out a man
They might be ridin? all the time
But atleast they have a career plan

So check the big times that

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