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When People Were Sh…  


I'm hanging out
With me 
And you're a vacant chair 
A chosen compromise 
This space we rarely share 

And if you lived here you'd be home now
but, oh my
Little David was small, but, oh my
He fought big Goliath who lay down and dieth
Little David was small, but, oh my

Oh, Jonah he lived in
To protect their race they'll seize her mind 

At this altitude it's freezing
Aliens control human beings
No one has lived to tell who's seen the crawling
There was a girl
There was a boy

There was a girl, there was a boy
If they had met they might have found a world of joy
But he lived
They can't take it from me, if they try
I lived through those early days
So many times I had to change the pain to laughter
Just to keep from
Take your sleep
You will dream anything
You know you will
Because you've lived
So many dreams before
Take your sleep

Take your dream
Angel Blake lived by the lake
Threw her in and she floated like a snake
Cross the moors into their sleeping beds
Now Angel roams around inside
the afternoon

Time flies these eyes
Have seen the glory of the morning
Turn into a silent night
I've lived a million moments in the time
It takes the sun to fade
world could give
I saw so many places
The things that I did
With every broken bone
I swear I lived

Hope that you spend your days
But they all add
small, but oh my
David was small, but oh my
He fought Goliath, who lie down and dieth
David was small, but oh my

Jonah, he lived in a whale
be understood in reverse 
But must be lived forwardsâ?¦ 
I'm losing my senses, I'm losing my senses 

We watch as the living all die
Haven't lived until you've rid it - Haven't lived until you've rid it ride
Haven't lived until you've rid it - Haven't lived until you've rid it
a god-made fire
Pinocchio with spinning eyes
Laugh aloud under bomb-lit skies
A victim's smile never lies

You have always lived your life like a joke
Once there lived a fool,
Many moons ago.
She was such a fool,
Ask me, I should know!

I still remember the way she would cry
Each time you said
something deep within I must hide
The love that's lived and died inside of me if there was just some way you could see
Would make you scream and cry
I lived all these years, lost in a hallow shell
Darkness clouds the corners of my mind
Will I ever see the truth
Will he ever reveal himself
She lived on a boathouse down by the river
Everyone called her Pretty Belinda
Went to the boathouse down by the river
Just for a look at Pretty
the teardrops start 
Where are teardrops to hide?

I lived for an hour 
What more can I tell 
Love bloomed like a flower 
Then the petals fell 
to the year 3000
Not much has changed, but they lived underwater
And your great-great-great-granddaughter
Is doing fine
Doing fine

He took me
Longer than always is long, long time,
But far beyond forever you'll be mine
I know I never lived before and my heart is very sure
No one else could
knew (yeah)
That unfelt clasp of hands
Told me so well, yeah

I never lived at all until the thrill of that 
Moment when my heart stood still, yeah
a pretzel girl
That they both brought into their world
And watch them all twist pretzels by hand, by hand
And if only we all lived in Pretzel Land

Six days
To the world we live
The Father's only Son

You lived and You died
You rose again on high
You opened the way
For the world to live again
snap for a second
Live clean forget your faults
I take the gospel whenever it's possible
But with a grain of salt

Oh Jonah he lived in a whale

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