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shoot shoot
From the lip
While you emulate the man that touched your heart
Imitate at due cost
Your comment on positions out of reach
You'll never haul the heat to the bite of the grind, to emulate
Disgression has left this hard to swallow
Sour notes of dissolution, played off
Understand once he was a family man
So surely I would never, ever go through it first hand
Emulate all the shit my mother hated
I can't help but
Understand, once he was a family man
So surely I would never, ever go through it first hand
Emulate all the shit my mother hated
I can't help but
we're backed into a cage 

Because I, 
I defy 

See my fate 
I intoxicate while you emulate 
With the users and the losers
the fates shall tell the tale
Woe to the man who would emulate a god caligula

Dominus aquatari ex spiritus nu men
Ominus demagorgon extermitor regis
So help me to get untied
Fast asleep now I'm going blind
Falling down in my mind, down in my mind
Just fine
Emulate the style
A competition
Unable to repay my vault to emulate
Forgiveness, no longer will I run

It's a battle between just and good
What you know is right
What you know you
Before I really miss
Maybe I should pick the time
Before I pick the place
I bet you all the things
That you emulate, you penalize
But I don't
Wow, look at you
Your pathetic
It's amusing
It's depressing
It's amazing
Tell everyone
What your not
And they believe you
They proceed to
Emulate you
slip away

But nothing is more important than to emulate the lost
And the weak

Are you scared?
Are you scared?
Are you scared?
Are you scared?

Are you scared you'll get blown up then 
You gotta face the prospects when 
You try to eliminate the trend 
That's been 
Never emulate just
When I was just a boy
In times of youthful hero worship
My kind have been molded by images on the screen
Brought up to emulate the big
undetected by the ones who protect everything
A search for power but if you want to be like them you'll have
To emulate
Finding a way through to the core
She'll open up your mind 'Til you emulate her kind To make you good and make you kind Is that Mother? Mother

Downstairs I don't know Downstairs I don't
Is this cut below the surface? 
There's a burning rose, violent, black, and cold. 
It teaches fire is a gift. 

Eyes down, emulate the face that
to emulate and create all.

Remember bringing this down?
How could you bring this down?
Please tell me why you tried so hard knowing this would happen one
try to change my day
Lock me up and you watch me fade
You and I can emulate
Drift together, lost in

Space... (We're getting better all the time)
to do nothing outrageous
'Cause them yah vibe yah it kind of contagious
All you do is you keep it clean and conscious
And the world will start emulate us
By taking command
And the package states
There's no such thing as destiny
Pick the flavor you want
The hanger-on will emulate it to a T
have our own heroes who we try to emulate
I dream of one day being as sexy as Bill Gates
We hate watching sports 'cause we're reading Carl Sagan
But we'd
Brothers taking over
Listened to ska, that was cool
Try and emulate those heroes, misunderstood

We are the boys, think about nothing and
We are
you from gettin' like this

You back the track
You find we're the quotable
You emulate
Brothers, sisters that's beautiful
Follow a path
don't know yet
That I thought I'd be the next Billie Joe
But my attempt to emulate him was thwarted by my ego
The Twins are long gone, Parker ain't

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