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Deepness Foundation  


up, keep it up
Vicious is the sight, but deepness is the beauty
What you once feared now makes you free
Yeah, I won't hesitate, wanna
over me
He watches over me the onliest
He watches over me

Deepness of the waving tide
All the sea is saying goodbye
And the moon dips aloof
about what you are tryin to do to me to the bone for deepness(repeat 5 times)
Comon think about it Yeah
Come on now come on now Yeah
Come on now
on the one that loves you
(Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah) oh, oh, oh

Aah, baby
Why you wanna hurt me, man
(Hurting on the inside)
The deepness of the pain is
Lost in the deepness
Of love like heaven

She is
The moon
The stars
The light the dark
I see
When she is here
She is
The air I
This is the master thesis underneath the deepness
Come to where you can read this
Run a plot on a map hyper space 'ya
Coming up for air

Coming up for air 
Coming up for air 
Breathing in deeply,
Coming up for air

Somewhere beneath the surface,
Is the deepness
never fast with the street shit 
Driftin in this deepness, with each step 

breath taken make you niggas speechless 
Distinctive, mad different's how
Stahlhart wie Bahngleise
Ja, ich würd' auch gern mal voller Deepness über Probleme rappen
Doch ich hab' keine
Gar keine! 
Bitch, ich kam weit,
to carry on.

Surrounded, by all the light. 
Surrounded, by all the light. 

When darkness falls and all we need is change, 
The deepness of our thoughts can
hardfor nothing but bait
Diamondsthey Don't takeThese hands
I'm not one for safety
But Freakness and Deepness
Does not easy make destination

And I've lived
announced to no one
In the deepness of sorrow for fuck full moon
you will be alone got to go
my pleasure is not used, disgraced, discarded, abused
on Sundays
My black hole little girl

There's no doubt about us,
Time is running out around us
I can't cry,
It's just something in my eye.

From the deepness
cracking the knees

I can see me sinking
slowly into the liquid
going down like a stone
drowning in the deepness

I remember back then
when it all
Can you feel the warmness
of the ocean?

You'll never know the
deepness of the darkness
handle the deepness because they to shallow
Thats right I called yall followers. Yall do what others do and yall cant be
Original like me Im the originator
the deepness
So ima move and motivate just like I need it

I move and motivate/fuck a phoney and a fake/when I was low dem niggas never gave a plate/bitch(so) I
your fitness
Feel your own uniqueness
And build up your deepness
The waltz is always in 3
the being not necessary
to divulge to lose
drop the deepness down 
drowned out in waltz
which is always in 3
whoops it's you
numbed your tongue
for ambiguous scenes of deepness,
which lifts the bleakness
from those days that living reaches -
just repeat this:
Deepness, play your horn
Faithful, I will come to your call
Kiss my ankles please
sea waves call for me
crests that rise and fall
fading one by one.
You have saved me from the deepness of my mind,
You control whatever seems to make it right,
So, take it slow, cause I´ll take it slow
And make you
Through the early morning whispers comes the sound of falling rain
A persistent sound that's drumming through the deepness of my brain
And the softer
Origins. Boneless. Creeping from the deepness
Instinct. Willing. Unfurl the true calling, infecting land
Potential programmed. Crawling from the madness

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