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to you

And when you're overwhelmed by
How apathetic we are
You'll feel powerless
As you crucify your patience
Then it comes to you

They don't
I want to crucify you to your front door with the nails 
From your well stocked garage family man; 
Family man
Family man 
Saint dad! father
I break your bones for the lord today
No physical demons to purge or crucify 
Your holy bible just gets in the way
So stoning your Judas will free
Excommunicate the heretic!
Chain up, crucify the lunatic, the fanatic.
We've got the nails, we've got the matches
- light the sky for hours! Got
I'm alone, I'm alone
I'm alone, I'm alone

Crucify me with isolation
Crucify me-whoa-inside my private hell

I know a hundred ways to be a good
your feeling fly so high
Every once in a while friend
Everyone needs a helping hand

Don't crucify me
I'm not ready to die just yet
I've got something
Abandoned loneliness I ask why, why, why?

Why did you crucify me?
Strung up for your love
Was I so blind to see?
Pushed aside, sterilized,
Crucify me
Crucify me
Penetrate my ribs with the blade
Call on the greys
Then let us pray

of the fierce cavalry
Ordered to march and slay
Till the last of the foes fall

Irreligious brutal nations
Ascending hate of the empire of crucify
Tear away
Kneel before he who has killed
And will kill again

I despise
Oh yeah, let's spend the night
We'll crucify you with no pain, yeah right
Four pieces of dirt and lust
Goddamn it, in distortion we trust
the sacred right
I will crucify, slay them with their tribe
Hear my war cry

They'll find no sanctuary hidden in their ancestral halls
Let loose the knot
emotion. You're paralyzed. 

Don't you know you crucify yourself, oh, no. 

You're killin' you and nobody else, 
And know you been spending your nights
and cage ourselves
We patronize and crucify
And kill ourselves

We seduce the past
And draw it close
And hold it tight
And never let it go
that crowns and crucifies
When Your Spirit moves I breath a prayer to You
A cry not from my mouth but from the heart
Because the Spirit came, I can
baby, why you treat me mean 
You didn't have to crucify me like you did 
You didn't have to tell me I was just your kid 
Hey, hey, mama, why'd you
a guilty mob to scream and say
“Crucify! Crucify!”
The people yelled to crucify
“He must die! He must die!”
Without a fight He did comply

I do not
She is not scared to die
Best things in life drive her to cry
Crucify then learn
{Take so much away from inside you 
 Makes no sense
 You know
You see your vision and no one else's
Your every word filled with sarcasm
Crucify people with invisible knowledge
Verbal destruction with each
You come to me
Crucify, whatever I will be
And your soul is filled with darkness
And your face is filled with hate
You try to punish me
Stop it,
Dead words from a different time still can boil blood, 
Still have the power to crucify on a fence in America. 

And the words you say are still
What¹s wrong?
Which word cut you wide?
Attacked your faith
Attacked your pride

Like Lenny
You¹ll take us..
Like Lenny

You¹ll crucify
you ain't so fucking placid
A pair of pliers pull your teeth
On your head a razor wreath

Crucify you on the floor
With the nail gun rancid whore
Before it crucifies my soul
Fiend, Fiend, Fiend...

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