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Comfortable as I am
I need your reassurance
And comfortable as you are
You count the days

But if I wanted silence
I would whisper
And if I
this place
Between the light and the dark there's a
comfortable grey. 
From all I've known I'm leaving today.
Don't make me turn away
When the light
to respect the day today
I'm ready to respect myself today, I'm ready to release 

Self-image confidence troubled comfortable blame touching partake
repeating myself, myself.
This insanity is driving me instead of keeping my chair warm.
Is this bench ever going to lie anymore comfortable this time?

the remote part of your heart
Nowhere else will let us choose a comfortable start

We stop in every passing place
To watch the world move faster than we do
You're so dear to me
(You're still dear to me)
Now we're comfortable
Never too comfortable
Got the radio up loud
With my comfortable position
And my cottage in the clouds

Easy we come, easy we go
Little we learn, little
to fit the box
Are you too big or too small
Do you lie to yourself
To make others comfortable
Or do you hide who you are
'cause it's unacceptable

good all, all night out here
The bad ones man the whole crew
A little 1942 
And it all got comfortable in the coupe, yeah

It's just another LA
Quick, quiet, confident
Comfortable, permanent
Undisputed every tense
Not a trace of what went left
More equal than the best
Unparalleled success

This is as happy as I'll ever be 
Cold and comfortable in these sour 
Times what do you expect 
What do you want from me 
This bitten lip
I told you of a halfway house where we could meet to work things out. 
I slept there on the floor for weeks.
You stayed between your comfortable
I once felt comfortable
With enemies but now I see
A hopeless situation endlessly
My memory, is on a loop
It goes around

Things are so tough
Wrong side up
How I like to be
In my comfortable highchair of agony
And from here things are looking pretty fucked up.
Wrong side up.

Buried in here
I am weak in myself
Separated from faith
Comfortable complacency
My crutch has fallen
Break my pride
Mend my soul
Break my heart
of fall
Are breaking up
And heavy in the yard

I guess that I misunderstood
Or got too comfortable
With the rank and file
Of all the things
You believe in
a point
Where I'm comfortable
Awake but asleep
My mind is unreasonable
Feeling so weak
I become to insecure
I hate what I see
I want this life no
Nothing is pure
No nothing at all

Reality hurts
My demons stripped from the earth
Connected by flesh
That I'm not comfortable in
It wasn't me but it
happening months ago
See I just wanna give my momma sixty racks
We're all just tryna live comfortable
So would you still love me if I had no money?
No matter what the world has in store for us
You got the ring that better get off of us
Reach out for a comfortable chair
Rejoice and throw your
Saw your gentle little hand
You look so comfortable
Five to five is not good enough for you, not for me
It's like a vision clear to see

I was in
I fear happiness
I was beginning to fear
Fear I fear Happiness
I've grown so comfortable with all my anger and my madness
But it keeps me running
spend it all)
(Build that house up big and tall)
(Robbing Peter to pay Paul)
(Robbing Peter to pay Paul)
As long as I stay comfortable
(Cash that
No matter what the world has in store for us
You got the ring that better get off of us
Reach out for a comfortable chair
Rejoice and throw your

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