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seconds to ground 
One second to 

Coming in from the void 

On the bed of the ocean 
Where history lies 
Strange civilizations
a civilization
Let the planet focus on the planet's rotation

We tried, we tried
We really tried
But no one could do it
Happily alive
Never learned how

When civilization crumbles man will turn
On one another killing true

The darkest of times will then come to be
Through our selfish killer
keepin' an eye on the world
Watching over civilization
lookin' at you!

We got communication..5..4..3..2..1

At the main nerve centre in
of civilization, of the massacre of mankind.
A vast crowd buffeted me towards the already packed steamer. 
I looked up enviously at those safely on board...

      Artilleryman: Can't you just see it? Civilization starting all over again! A second chance! Heh- we'll even build a railway and tunnel
million people unarmed and unprovisioned driving headlong. It was the beginning of the rout of civilization, of the massacre of mankind.
A vast crowd
a civilization
Miles from a fortified town

Down in that basement it's sunny
We cannot stay down there for too long

Back then, it all seemed so funny
Lurid reality
Means confrontation
Mutilation, the only solution
The Armageddon, the revolution

Calling all the warriors
Come to war, now...
collapsing - Doom!!!
Empires falling - Ruins!!!
Abomination - Doom!!!
Civilization - Doom!!!

Scream Motherfucker...
Scream Motherfucker...
mean its just, its such bull! It hasn't have to be like this. If you're alive and you're on the planet, and other civilizations, even the Draconian
and places
We'll remember summer sun that yields
Shed our bodies heart and soul for love's sake
Civilizations wax and wane.

innocence will fade away like
Running through this maze, cry at what i see
A civilization with values alien to me
All the role models, lost souls, false gods that i am shown
Lurid reality
Means confrontation
Mutilation, the only solution
The Armageddon, the Revolution

Calling all the warriors
Come to war, now...

Scream motherfucker
Scream motherfucker
Scream motherfucker
A post traumatic eden where roaches rule the land

No more civilization, only shadows remain
No more death or pollution... population zero
Fingers on the pulse of their parents' alienation
From the history, histories of Western civilization

The gift of affluent life
Was wasted
destroyers of civilization
With piss and bile coursing through veins that flood an ashen heart

God damned this world that is if "god" exists
God hates
of the stars
He said, "This used to be a cradle of civilization
Now look what they've done: it's the death of a nation."
Everything's illusion now,
corrupt politician, every hero and coward,
Every creator and destroyer of civilization,
Every saint and sinner in the history of our species,
A crumbling empire
Where angels fear to tread
Into the ruins of a civilization
A society ripped to shreds
No semblance of order
Into the world
This world is ours and we won't stand still
Infinitude sets thy vision toward the deep
Civilization will fall by the hand of all disease
on earth
We're going to rock civilization...
a better place to be safe with me tonight.
In this wild world it's a wild life

Cuts, clashes,
Claws for the slashes
Uncivilized civilization when it crashes

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