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the hood was long shot
Now I'm rapping on Flex and hearing bombs drop
Remember my girl took her jewelry to the pawn shop
Just so we can eat and smoke, now
announced that the United States is now using an atomic bomb
The most powerful explosive yet developed“

Setzt das beste Lächeln auf
Keiner kommt hier
Over and back again
With every line
Trying to dig in
Crossing over and back again

I am become the destroyer of worlds
And when the bomb
Was your mother a dealer
My baby na bomb, oh she blow me oh
Was your father a soldier?

Flora my flawa
Awan elewa ori owun mubo fun ye'mi
ain't feelin' 'em
If they don't see it then it's nothing wrong
I ain't hating nigga, moving on
Baby baby make it biggy bomb, get your jiggy
with a yat
She's saying "look what I got for ya"
I want women and cash
Before the final flash

Man said "Spirit Bomb" sounds like trap
Told man
you gonna drop the bomb or not, oh oh

Let us die young or let us live forever
We don't have the power, but we never say never
We're sitting in
and bombs and drugs, don't ever let your children grow up
(Oh oh oh oh oh oh)

We would swing on the swings and jump off and pretend we could fly
I'm a bomb you can't diffuse
Might just accept you're gonna lose
Can't turn down, I refuse
To hold back anymore

All of these voices inside of my
slangin' to the dope fiends (work)
Fresh bomb, got the doors on knock knock (work)
Put it on WorldStar, top box (work)
Brown brick in a Crown Vic (work)
Rizzy boy

Pick a side, do or die
'Cause all we ever do is die
They either bomb us or we suicide
We're the doner meat
Don't you
the ridiculous rhyme scheme
The stick to the grind G, the hell with the hygiene
It's a dirty bomb, word to seven thirty time
Disaster level nine eleven meets
terrorist, jag skapar bombs
Folk trycker ner, men bombar dom
Dom som säger att du kommer inte komma långt, mannen
Gå härifrån
Oowoah woah, på toppen i vårt
Floor hardwood, yeah, baby, ain't no rugs here
Just bomb dick, drank and a gang of drugs here
So what's happening?

What's up, tryna fuck me?
With a bomb in your hand
If you wanna make a change
Take off your stupid mask
To start a revolution
Was never your main task
I know I know you are
Young Drako, nigga I trap with a strap, man
Pinky ring sitting on my wrist cost a black Jag'
Nigga, we drop them bombs just like Baghdad (Boom!)
Longdrinks, dafür kippt Sie 'paar Bags
Für 'n Zehner auf'm Parkdeck, los, bomb sie weg im Shelter
Hunnis gehen, Tauis kommen, Zwannis, Zehner sind mir seltsam
One to one hunn
네가 원하는 건 I'll be that

Love, we gon' love
내가 원하는 건 너밖에

Take it fast or take it slow
몸이 이끄는 대로
Pour up, drank
부어 drank
got them from
Because you're built like an atom bomb, ready to blow
Still, I don't have the time to be here

Oh, we're Times New Roman and they're
was the pussy
I'm patriarchy on Sunday, don't push me, I'm Viacom
Y’all niggas got Diddy money, don’t push me, I'm atom bomb
I’m Obama pushing
Droppin' f-bombs like a guest on Howard Stern
Since NSYNC broke up, I figured it's our turn
Gonna hit it from the back, like I fucked up a power turn
play it on repeat

Not every certain death can be so brave
Not every psychopath can act so well-behaved

But what if the bomb just doesn't go off?
on the weekend, Lord it's divine
The preacher says he can't wait to meet him
He's a boy, that's the vibe
Then a bomb goes off on a Sunday stop
Guess he's
I still whip your ass like my mom, woah
Birds and the bees and the bombs
I'm in love with trees like my mom (mother nature)
Came up on a check like

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