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to greatness, before I get pissed and run up in the stands like the Indiana Pacers,
Covered all my bases, straight, no chasers,
Diamonds on my chain look like
salute niggas that's dead, and niggas in prison (Living legends)
I wanna ball though

I'm ballin' til my very last breath
I'm ballin' til my very last
the f*** is this guy? The ruler on the disc I
Hit you in your suit coolers, I'm in the Coupe cooler
Than pigskin men base runners and hoop shooters
and the neighborhood highlights
Bow I got my new girl or as I say my baby doll
But I'm still gettin' crazy calls, my ex-girl's got balls
Don't wanna play the field cuz I
son, your shit is scampi
Base that, throw what's in your mouth, don't waste that
See Ghost lampin' in the throne with King Tut hat
Straight off

and the 8-ball drinking.
So now its time to show my loyalty.
Shoot up my enemy territory.
And my brothers got my back they won't trip.
And I'm in it to win it so I
on whip, it's off the hard
I'm the...neighbourhood pusha
Call me subwoofer, 'cause I pump "base" like that, Jack
On or off the track, I'm heavy 'cause
the tremble of the tweeter and the presence of the bass
Mo' bass!

N-n-n-now when I say bass, not the base of the pipe
(You mean
the streets, so we street's clone
Like fresh fruit, from a tree, so the heat's blown
Your momma missing, your boys are crying
Cut ya balls out your nutsack,
Have a ball
And if the world blow up
Next life, we do it all over
Uh, yeah, let's toast to the memory
I wrote my name in the sky, so remember me
But, I know I'll never get to ride an 18-wheeler again
   But, this old base will keep me in touch with all my trucker friends!"

"Teddy Bear's
A 10-36 goes tick-tock-tick."
And that's what I call ratchetjaw!

Gotta git ya a base, out there at yer place
With a forty-foot pole on the chimney
and lights blinkin  let the lah sink in 

On the way to home BASE  

first clown in my face is gettin thrown out the place 

We rush shit, untouchable
the lah sink in
On the way to home BASE, 
first clown in my face is gettin thrown out the place
We rush shit, untouchable Don shit, that's nothin new
one put on Ludi, I put on gucci,
Duty calls, I'm bout to hit tha scene and ball,
But before I leave I spray on some Itsimiaki,
Take my truck up
Duty calls, I'm bout to hit the scene and ball,
But before I leave I spray on some Itsimiaki,
Take my truck up to the wash, put the sparkle back on,
The dirty just ain't the dirty, lil' dirty without the base
Niggas so, so deaf, them niggas is gettin' cake
2005, young and fly and flashy, up in your face,
and really turning it on now,
He's not letting up at all,
He's gonna try for second, the ball is bobbled out in center,
And here comes the throw, and what
mi passano il pezzo in radio
Ho soltanto più di qualche fan affezionato
Che mi segue perché sulla base sono il surplus
Perché quando batto sulla
white, oil base, talkin' fish scales

S550, yeah, the brand new Benz, bought two the same color
I call 'em Siamese twins, you can't out shine me
Can't out
they ball and breed rhyme stars
I'm from Marcy son, just thought I'd remind y'all

Cough up a lung, where I'm from, Marcy son, Ain't nothing nice
Check, hip hop iz a gigantic market
Control your fan base and know who to target
Doin it worldwide but I ain't no star yet
I'm in the record store still
need to be hollerin', is "There go Theodore!"
Put the ball down, we can't score
They pen shit to blackboards, make queens out of wack broads
You see
cètain ka powté manèv an ka bayo an foss pou la route
Ghe-ghetto la rèd ball ka pété pou lé billets
Dé faux gangstè plein feeling mé douvan fisil yo ka

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