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food ; Than Get some more steak
Securing the bag Just make sure ya business straight
I cannot shit jus off what that lil nigga ate
Niggas broke n they
Welcome in
To the dream
Of all minds distraught
Just forget
Life outside
These securing walls
Out is pain
Out is death
For your sake remain
Whoa, i'm still out whippin' the Camry
No, I am not getting embarrassed
You, spend money that you do not have
Me, i'm just securing the bag, whoa

blackmail so cunning and sly
Making a dollar protecting their lies


Complacent we are, its not all our fault
Just look at our leaders, securing
ride or die
Had one chance and made it eighty but she still my nine
Im on the roads securing funds i snapped her saying im tired 
She snap me back you
securing the bag on his own
I'm wavy, no winter, we out by the coast
My mermaids come kiss me before I go ghost
Ounces in the trunk cause it ain't safe
it supposed to end this way?
These years spent securing our future
When happily ever after didn't suit her
These years spent blinded by your glow
like He's the greatest. It's tasteless!
What's wrong with you?
"Well, logic withdrew!"
Now millions securing nooses due to ruined worldview
to the Atlanta
I'm doing alright
Securing the bag
Like I got off a flight
Some niggas got left
Cause they couldn't get right
Ain't putting in work
They in love
beamer dawg I risked it all for this 

I'm kicking down on these bitches 
Securing bags on these niggas 
At age I don't got no limits 
I swear on folk I'm
addition added to your math
Securing bags as new streams are flowing by
The resouvour loaded for the rainy days passing by
Ghetto superstars we know who they
the fuck you yellin'?
You ain't up no millions? 
Why the fuck you chillin'?
And you ain't securing 'em? 
Why the fuck you trippin'?
You ain't got
focused on attracting
more big box retail to the town's perimeter, boosting city
revenues, and securing funding for the proposed Sid Melton male
Securing the bag you can not f*ck up the brand
You can f*ck up the paper
Was down on my last but I had faith in my path
How is that not motivating 
The best
Securing all sides of the 
Business At stake 

Welcome a New breed full of new Gs 
Got group texts with groupies 
Couple milk chocolate cuties 
Big bottoms,
Securing the supply
Titanic reap station
Relentless muster

Raw matter inhaled
Feeding from the useless
Ingesting raw light
Stack means of survival

for a price,
Back in the day at John Jay while I was learning my rights, 
Deterring cops from securing and serving warrants alike, 
To make it hard
flight to return - return upon the world.

Though I saw no sun,
Glad did I live under the wide and misty sky.

Securing my belief in the afterlife. 
covers on both sides
Rottweiler and Doberman securing the inside
And they decide to play it safe
Press the buzzer at my gate
Quick scan license plate
We hold the slaves, beneath the truth
We hide the lives, suppressing the youth
Criminalize, securing the noose
Stone the witch, burning in flames
You claim you're being civilized
A barbarian tribe forcing it's views
Upon a world you hardly recognize
Securing your wealth with brutal force
slay the poor in the dollar sign's name

They're ready to strike with their highly trained force
If oil is at stake or another ressource
Securing their
Chanting our song to reach a new level
Preparing a kingdom worthy a throne
Seated by me, me alone

With rape as means I'll breed
Securing the throne
for a tooth.

All about growth and expansion. 
Securing all the funds for the nation. 
The competition is intensified. 
There's no supply because

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