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Woke up screaming last night
Sleep is a senseless shame
Beasts of the day, they run wild 
Through hallways you made as a child 
I want to sleep for
Smell of high-school hallways
Lake on flush young skin
Stumbled words and hands at night 
Soft, steady chagrin

This is, this is your young desire
off her jacket, slips off her shoes
Tiptoes down the hallway to the bedroom on the right

I can't sleep when I'm dreaming about you
I have dreams when
Tree step in the hallways 
Incline by the front page 
Caddies on a friday 
Or i'll probably go downtown 
Just to walk on young street 
Just to feel that
Coming through the wall

Stretched across the sea of skin
Instinct flows like a virus 
In my veins

Teeth come flying out of darkness
Hallway you just
the time instead
Chasing them girls all in the hallway
Always looking forward to a little foreplay
Grades start dropping needed extra credit
Popping with
war me 
I like to get yuh pussy wet and mek you horny
Screaming at me all night all day
Then di two ah we just fuck inna di hallway

Fuck me good
me, or
Am I dreaming of your shackles
Loudly dragging through
The hallways of my reverie
Oh, are you here with me?

Farther than a lunar axis
Dürer hängt in meiner Hallway, yeah, ey (wuh)

Fahre slow-mo in Zeitlupe durch die Town (oh yeah)
Oh no, mein Style so clean, dass sie staunen
You can burn your paper fingers in the ashtray
Drown your swollen lips in my ruby wine
You can shave your heavy head in my carpeted hallway
Footsteps down the hallway
A whistle to the tune
But it ain't real
I know you're faraway
The bottle last night
The junk today

It don't hurt anymore
I wish
Come to me
Come lie beside me
Oh, don't deny me your love

Make sense of me
Walk through my doorway
Don't hide in the hallway
Oh love, step
low's jack benz wit the bubble eyes in every hallway
In every pj, all night, all day, they bumpin bj
Now when they play me in the clubs, girls rush the dj
Let's do this

I used to be a person overlooked in the hallway
But now the girls are jockin and they're jockin me all day
I dropped
and crackin beer top
In the hallway, gettin fucked up, everyday
You ever thought about goin to school? No way
I always thought I'd be a big rap star
Drive fancy
and such 

That we apply to the Carnival 
So check nuts! 
I'm the jack of many trades, glued to the old days 
Laughed at in the hallways, fucked them
That's just the way that I was livin'
From sun-up to sun-down, just spinnin' and flippin'
Up and down the block, in and out the hallways
to this trap life (trap life)

I can introduce you to this trap life
In the trap, in the kitchen I was selling white
In the hallway with them thirty's, we
away, far away
In the place with marmalade skies
Carry on, carry on
Deeper into the rabbit hole
Carry on, carry on
Until you reach the hallway made
She left it slightly ajar, yeah
Threw on my kicks my socks my jeans and my t-shirt
Then threw my hat on my head
I did it quiet so that I wouldn't
O, in the hallways, the music played.
I was so sad. I thought,
'This is what love must be like
when I grow older or meet someone older.'
I'm pathetic
down started running through the hallways.
Through the main gate, to the bus, to the store for some brew,
Nuttin better to do on my first day
Glitter on the front porch
Glitter on the hallway
The Love Shack is a little old place where we can get together
Love Shack baby! Love Shack, that's where
master I expect him in the hallway by my side
For willingly or otherwise the debt must be repaid

If death were a thing that money could buy
The rich they

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