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no hago travesuras
Se siente uva como Fidel Castro en Cuba
Jode con Calde', se te acaban las aventuras
Terminó la falsa, perdonen la tardanza
(Cruisin' the streets) They're out there on Folsom
(Cruisin' the streets) I've even seen 'em on Castro
(Cruisin' the street)

In Hollywood (Cruisin'
biz wie castro die erste geige zu seim' letzten tango
Esperanto: eloquente definition:
Ein schnellerlernter lingo zur verständigung der nation', (er)
Reaktion,Aktion, 1000 Volt Starkstrom,
So mach ich Merkel mal kurz einen Afro,
A-A-Atraktion, Ah Fidel Castro, fick Politik
Ich mach Balkanicaso,
Fidel Castro bei seinem Siegeszug
Was ist los? Hast du Angst? Komm und nehm' mich an die Hand
Denn die Macht, die ich verleihen kann, macht dich zu einem
feel like I should fast more
I need to sit back and relax more
Since Ferguson, days on Castro
I knew what the black on my back hold
Snakes big, grass
macam castro
Bukan fredal tapi afredality
Loyal to the game hustler mentality
Ramai ngaku lit tapi aku literal lit
Lit lit lit lit lit lit really
mundo se espalhou

Só pra lhe dizer que há liberdade, morena
Praça Castro Alves para o nosso amor é pequena
Eu quero lhe encontrar na praia 
Essa é
(Get up!)
Uh, what.
(Indiana, Indiana!)
Mag in this muth yo.
Killa Castro from Queens, trigga Treach.
(New Jeru, Dirty Jerz.)

Well can
just like Castro

Yo, yo, yo keep the lights keep the camera all I want is the action
The battle's on, where I roam in composition
A hardcore crowd,
like Castro
These niggas bout to straight get plucked
I'mma millionaire
These ghetto niggas put me there
Showed me love
Nigga pass the dub
selling perrico
[Clef] Yo what's the deally yo?
[Pun] I'm Uptown making moves just like Castro
[repeat all 2X]

[Wyclef Jean]
Yo, yo, yo keep
a nigga do a 100 yard dash

Aye look, Brasco Astro
Big shipment in advance, dead fresh nigga plaid put on castro
Give 'em what they ask for, 20 thousand
the fifth and affect it
Stick a chip in your [rectum] and pull your soul out your [asshole]
And all for gettin cash with the blow I got from Castro
freaky flow
Control the mic like Fidel Castro locked Cuba
So deep that you can't scuba dive
My jive's origin is unknown like the Jubas
I've accumulated
why'all shit if Lox on it
I shoot you in yo mouth ain't no calling the cops
I want my shit back like Castro and Elian's pop

out the back door, beyatch, so beware of the strap, bro
'Cause that's how my blast go
Ice Cube is an asshole just like Castro

Nigga, I spit flames,
your fucking neck
Bout to take over this rap game
Like Castro took over Cuba
Po'po can't prove we using drug money
So for now that shit is just
the castros
Make clothes 
Or stay fly and chase hoes
Ecuadorians soft lips and straight nose
Making dough
When we ripping the paid show
Get the money
the castros
Make clothes 
Or stay fly and chase hoes
Ecuadorians soft lips and straight nose
Making dough
When we ripping the paid show
Get the money
glossy, rich Pablo Escabano
Sophisticado, Blazin hollows like Saddles
Rap apostle, nacho cheese, I'm Castro

Compared to these n****z who swear to be
Throw a flow like Nomo relate like Fidel Castro
I be the great all pro, hangin MC's by they logos
My street journal reacts and blaze like an inferno
traire les vaches
Pour sortir de cette histoire
Fallait trouver un moyen
J'ai crié Fidel Castro
C'est un bon copain
Rita parût suffoquée
J'ai cru que
this a cash flow
Young Jay and I ain't never had a Jaz-O
Ask Kanye "who the real asshole?"
Cuban links smoking a Cuban, Fidel Castro
Feet up

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