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(duet with Olivia Newton-John)
This can't be real
As long as I love you
How could this ever be real
As long as you're there?
Help me
(Olivia Newton-John/John Farrar)

Warm and tender is my prayer for your world
That I surrender to my girl
All my life I've waited for the angel you
(Olivia Newton-John)

You say you want to know most everything about him
But babe, what you're saying is that you don't want to doubt him
If I told
(Olivia Newton-John/Randy Goodrum)

Have you seen them
Playing car games
Revving up your heart
Before the lights change
Have you been there
And not
and nice 
Please tell Ms Fonda 
To reduce her price 
Anorexia nervosa mannequin 
All this physicality 
Will wear you thin 
Hey Olivia Newton-John
(Olivia Newton-John)

I--I want to spend my life with you
No other love
Could make me feel this way
What I can be myself
And live the truth
No other
(Olivia Newton-john/John Capek)

As a young girl I came here by the sea
To a new home for my family
It welcome us with open arms
A chance to live my
(Olivia Newton-John)

No me voy a rendir, no no
No me voy a rendir, no no
No me voy a rendir, no no
No me voy a rendir

Oh I'm not gonna give into it
(Olivia Newton-John)

When you're having those days when you're feeling deserted
And everyone leaves you on hold
When none of your friends seem
(Olivia Newton-John)

I need to tell the truth
I can't lie anymore
I need to do what's right
I know that's what my life is for
I can't be quiet
(Olivia Newton-John)

Oh don't ask why me, why me why not me
Why not me is the thing
Don't ask why me, life's running by me
Live each moment that it
(Olivia Newton-John)

I saw the light but it was too late, too late
I wanted to fight but it was too great, too great to fight it

Guess I'm loving
(Olivia Newton-John/John Farrar)

Lonely, lonely man she's set you free now
Moved aside and left a space for me now
Wasted, wasted love walled up
(Olivia Newton-John)

Do you feel the way I do
Tell me now oh tell me now
I need to know that it's true
Oh do you feel the way I do
I need to know
(Olivia Newton-John)

There you were in my dream
Flying high just for me
Oh Pegasus oh Pegasus
White and strong soft and warm
You've been in my mind
(Olivia Newton-John)

Wash the blood from my hands
Take the pain from my heart
I just can't understand
What it is that we do
What's the thread
(Olivia Newton-John)

No matter what you do I'll send you love
No matter what you say
No matter what you do I'll send you love
Starting today
I'm not
(Olivia Newton-John)

I am your mother--born of the sun
I gave you shelter--what have you done?
Your heart's in turmoil--my world's in pain
I need
(Olivia Newton-John/Randy Goodrum)

Someone's in the kitchen
Trying to cook me up some trouble
Someone's in the kitchen
Trying to stir me up inside
God all mighty, Olivia Newton John got married, Sally Field got married, Jamie-Lee Curtis got married, it was like last call at a singles bar.
And me sister thinks she's Olivia Newton John

It's a Sunday morning nightmare
A Sunday morning nightmare
A Sunday morning nightmare

I've been
(Olivia Newton-John/Randy Goodrum)

Here's your lunch money
You better hurry for the old school bus
Did you clean your teeth this morning
I know you
And you look like Hull
You think Travolta pulled Newton, John
Who did John Hurt pull?

And they compliment the compliment
And it's driving you insane
me laugh
Y'all, you need to sing my song
With your similar features like Olivia Newton-John
Damn, ho! I make the whole place warm, then
hit you
And lettin' me down
Simple lies and alibies
If you walk out the door you should..

[Chorus1: Olivia]
Just look around
And see that she ain't me