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Onika Tanya Maraj (born December 8, 1982), known professionally as Nicki Minaj (/mɪˈnɑːʒ/), is a Trinidadian-born American rapper, singer, songwriter, actress, and model. Born in Saint James, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago and raised in Queens, New York City, she gained public recognition after releasing the mixtapes Playtime Is Over (2007), Sucka Free (2008), and Beam Me Up Scotty (2009). more »


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Let's shift gears for a minute
And talk about New York
City i actually get in
Arguments because people say
Nicki doesn't rep New York i say "What do you
Mean? She shouts it out all of the time"

Y'all don't want me to rep
Y'all y'all don't hear when
I rep y'all cause y'all
Be dick-riding everybody else

She does have a point do you feel you
Get the proper love from New York?

Hell fucking no

And I never understood that because
You ran the same
Circuit's of all these other
Rappers you did the
DVDs you did the mixtapes you
Came up on mixtapes
Like every other underground rapper
In New York

I was selling my mixtape out
Of my mutherfucking BMW out
On Jamaica mutherfucking Avenue to
Amadu and Hussaine and
These niggas f*ck you niggas! You
Niggas don't know the
Fucking half of what I've
Fucking been through!

Well, Sir Isaac Newton said the law of energy
Is, "Energy is not lost or destroyed
It is merely transferred from on
Party to the next" You got
A miserable bitch on a
Blog who writes something negative about
You, you read it, and now you're miserable

Absolutely right absolutely

What you think about the blogs, Scaff Beezy?

Honestly, the blogs could just suck my
Damn cock, balls, deepthroat, gag, and choke

So, Miss Nicki Minaj
What do you say to people that say
You're trying to be something that you're
Not like Lady Gaga or Madonna and
You're doing things for shock value?

Well, I mean, I don't know in a minute
If I fucking sit down and piss
They're going to tell me I can't do
That cause another bitch did it

Stupid ass bitches! Yo
Niggas just want to compare her to somebody

Everybody! If they ever see me
Sitting down and peeing
They're gonna fucking stone me

They're gonna say, "You're trying to be
Like Barack's wife look at her
She's sitting down and peeing like that
You trying to be like Michelle"

"Why you sitting down and peeing Nicki?"

"Why don't you stand up?"

That happens to everybody, though

It does

No, Nicki gets it so hard
- pause! Hospital flow, need more gauze

I think when they don't understand
Something they gotta compare
It to something to make
Themselves feel comfortable

Absolutely, I always say that for
Their minds to interpret it, they have to
Draw a comparison and I always say
Even though it's very common, it's just a
More simple-minded approach as opposed
To looking at
Every situation as if it's the first
Time it is what it is but
Even she gets compared to Madonna
And it's a never-ending cycle but I
Rather you compare me to
Someone that is winning and that's
Won than compare me to

Someone that is washed that's
A natural emotion
Though it's easy for a loser
To be jealous of a winner that's
Just the way that it is

Do you ever look back at
Some of your performances and
Look at your costumes and your wigs and say
"I did look like a damn fool?"

Yes! Yes, I do yes, I do

Do you ever think that?

Sometimes every now and then you know
What I like about superstars?
I like my superstars to be out there jump out
The window! Be like Prince with
Your ass out i may
See it and say, "Damn, she looks like a fool
" but you're a superstar

That's how I want to see my superstars i
Don't want to see my superstars regular

I keep saying this: I went to
School for theater i took
Four years of my life and
Devoted it to theater

I did that because my passion was
Acting when I started rapping, i
Felt like I couldn't really be
Myself when I started winning
I started feeling that I can be
Myself i can do my
Accents, I can do my voices
I can do my faces, i can do costumes

I can now bring me to who, you know
People see as Nicki Minaj i can
Now really bring me into
It and I think that's
Where the confusion lies, is
That people thought that when
I first came out, that that was me in my
Entirety but that wasn't
That was a small facet of who I was

But, who you see now is just a more
Multi-faceted mixture of all the
Personalities that I
Have in me i mean and I think that
If I was to not show that
Then I wouldn't be doing justice to all
The people that feel like I do cause for
Every person who doesn't understand it is
There is a person who feels like me
Who feels like sometimes I just
Break out in an English
Accent, you know, like
What's wrong with that?

You can! Why not?

Do you think that mixtape Nicki and pop
Nicki can exist in the same space?

They already are they're
Already existing together
And they are both winning

Who do you feel that you lean towards more?

I can't choose i can't pick i feel like
The world makes them two different people
But in my mind they're the same person

That's what I keep saying i grew up in
New York my whole life i would
Go to the block and hang out with
My home girls on the weekend
And then Monday through Friday I was
Having a nine-to-five on Wall Street

When I was an office manager I
Wasn't having the same conversation
In the office that I was having on the block
But I was still the same person
I was Onika but I knew how to
Switch it up and have an
Intelligent conversation with one
Group of people
Get a job, ace the interview
And then go home with my
Home girls and have fun

It seems like you're very versatile if
It's one thing that I would
Love for little girls to embrace from
Nicki Minaj is the fact
That she is versatile she knows how
To kick it in the streets
And she knows how to kick
It in the corporate setting

Right, because you can't do too much
Of either you really can't

It's unfortunate that at times
Hip hop culture will
Tell you to lean only to one side
When that is detrimental for
Your future it's detrimental
For your growth it's detrimental
To your longevity

At a certain point as a woman
I'm not talking about as a man
Because we've seen The Blueprint
With Jay we've seen that you could come in
The game and do 10, 12
15 – still win and still be the
King of hip hop we have not
Seen that with a woman so
Show me the blueprint that's all I want you
To do - show me the blueprint

I think you are creating it because
Queen Latifah doesn't exist in
That space anymore she went on
To become an actress

And is someone who I tip
My hat to because Queen
Latifah looked at it and
Said, "Okay, wait, hmm
I may not want to be 40 years old
Rapping the hip hop fans may not
Want to hear me when I'm 40 years old rapping
So I'm going to move in a way
So that every aspect of who I am can
Be seen" Queen Latifah does musicals, movies
Voice-overs for cartoons - is she a
Sellout or is she winning?

She's winning!

So these other bitches that only
Did rap and now
They're washed, and they're living
In, you know
Low income housing - is that winning? Just
So that a nigga in the street
Can give me a fucking dap?
The same niggas that didn't buy
My album any fucking way
That downloaded the shit? Get the
F*ck out of here!

When it's all said and done
Are you going to want to
Have kids? Get married?

Oh my goodness, i have to! I have to! Yep
I'm gonna get married and
Have kids i love children i
Am obsessed with children

And yeah, I believe in marriage, and
I believe marriage is forever so
That's the other thing

"Look in my eyes, look in my eyes
Know that we'll always be forever
Moment in time, moment in time"

Safaree safaree

Do you have any regrets? Cause you've had a
Relatively short career this is
The second album
And hopefully we can ten more of
These but do you have
Any regrets in this short time
That you've been Nicki Minaj?

I think my only regret would be not enjoying
Every single moment when I could have

How can the author of "I wish
I could enjoy this moment
For life" not be here trying
To enjoy every moment?

Absolutely and that's the thing it
Kinda just comes so quickly


And then all of a sudden it's like
"Wait a minute i just did Super
Bowl i just did Super Bowl
With Madonna and before I go
Into the Super Bowl stage
I'm just stressing and worrying and then
When I come off it's all done and what I did
I even enjoy about it?

Not even that, you closed up the Grammy's

But that's why, cause she's
Doing the Super B

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Written by: Tauheed Epps, Onika Maraj, Jordan Maurice

Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group, O/B/O CAPASSO, RESERVOIR MEDIA MANAGEMENT INC

Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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